09 January 2011

Decide with my indecisiveness

Alas holidays are over, the year has ticked over once more, work has begun, and I now find myself in a major crossroad in my life... to summarize it in a question with the appropriate tone that represents my thoughts at this very minute "What the hell do I do with myself this year?".

There is many options to choose from, and I like that.  I like the fact that my hard work the last few years allows me to take quite a few different directions, all equally as rewarding and challenging.  This bounty of choices however does not bode well in contrast to my personality, specifically the personality trait of extreme indecisiveness ha.  Well I guess the best way to approach it is to address each option.

So, what have I got to choose from in the year that is 2011, something that will no doubt set me up for 2012 and beyond?

Option one, work full time. I have been at my current job as a Software Developer at a small I.T company for 2.5 years now.  The pay is good, the work is fun, and to put simply I absolutely love working there... to the extent that I am actually excited that tomorrow in Monday ha.  This will allow me to gain more experience, save up more money... and... that's about it really.  Just a year of work.

Next is a small idea I have had had for some time now, to return to Uni yet again to get a Masters in Teaching degree.  Why? Well the term 'why not' springs to mind really lol.  It is only for one extra year, and having that title under my belt opens up a vast amount of employment opportunities in the future, always a good thing.  Besides, I have heard that, unlike I.T, there is actually girls within the classes, something that is always a plus ha.  The downside however is that it means I'll need to return back to work at only a part-time capacity... which means a lot less money to be saved. 

Lastly, and I will admit this one is purely for the fun of it, is the option to continue being a teachers assistant at my University.  I did this last year for only one class and absolutely loved it, the chance to get more involved with a greater number of classes this year sounds very cool indeed. But alas, like the one above, this means only part-time work.

So, I think that is my three options... I wish I could do them all, seriously  Oh and by the way, my dream of some day moving to New York is actually becoming a reality with plans to leave at the end of the year... woah! On one hand I should just stay full time at my job and save up as much money as possible before I leave... on the other hand, I have the next 40 years ahead of me for the chance to work full time, maybe now is the time I should be doing the fun things like getting a Masters of Teaching and continuing my teachers assistant position.

Sometimes it seems my life is just always go go go... which in a way it is.  I would love to to be able to just work full time for a few months and not have to make any decisions.  However the Uni year starts early March, thus these decisions, decisions that will have a huge impact on the rest of my life, need to be made now. Problem is, as mentioned before, I am terribly indecisive.

Well I am definitely not prepared to start deciding right this minute.  They are listed here in detail, so that's a start of some sorts.  I just need someone to discuss this with, hopefully find some guidance and wise advice... any takers lol? I'll find someone, I somehow always do.

The future, however mostly unknown, is bright.  It will be a good year I am sure of it.


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