14 July 2010

Yikes, things just got real!

As you all know, I am currently undertaking my Honours degree at University which entails completing 4 Masters level units as well as a Thesis.  Thus far I have completed 3 of my 4 units and found it rather manageable and very enjoyable... today I realized the second half of my year will not be such a walk in the park in comparison to the first.

You know when things are bad and you cringe every time you think about it... I'm past that.  I am at the stage where it is so bad that I can't stop laughing at just how bad it is!  I kid you not, the amount of work is just... see now I am laughing too hard to think of a description haha!

I think I have gone insane!

My last remaining Masters unit is titled 'Recent Development in IT'.  When you begin an Honours degree it is suggested that you get your 4 Master level units done in the first semester, leaving the second semester free for your Thesis research and writing.  Recent Development in IT was only offered in the second semester but with a title like that I just had to take it!

Oh how I have come to regret that choice.  I have the sheets of paper in front of me that list what this weeks practical class involves...  It entails so much work for just 1 weeks worth of class that it is almost the entire weeks work load of what I would of done in only one week last semester.  And I have to do these once a week, on top of my Thesis research and writing!

Then I looked at the Assignment 1 for the class... it was a Literature Review... are you kidding me!  A Literature Review! Now, it needs to be minimum 3000 words, which honestly is a breeze... the problem is I am already in the process of writing a 4000 word Literature Review for my Thesis, and it is about a topic I have very limited prior knowledge of.  This has to be squeezed in with my teaching rounds every Tuesday whilst still researching for my Thesis, actually writing my Thesis, all of this scheduled in between my 9 - 5 job three days a week!

*interval of 70 minutes*

Ok, I am back. I had a bit of a mental-insane-laughing-breakdown of some sorts, so I went and played my drums and watched my housemates play a drinking game.  I would be drinking with them, but yeah, you know... there is no time!

Time! There is none! The other day I spent about 4 hours whilst at work reading about Einstein's theory of general relativity... yeah I love that stuff and proud of it.  Anyways, there are theories that suggest that gravity isn't a constant after all and in fact can vary depending on factors such as mass, size and proximity of surrounding bodies like planets and suns, which apparently therefore alters the speed at which time passes (known as the Shapiro delay).

Maybe I could travel there to buy some more time!

Haha oh geez, I don't think it is safe for me to return just yet...


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