09 July 2010

I miss Zac

When I was 8 years old my family and I went to a market one Sunday afternoon. Unexpectedly we returned home with a new family member, one that would become an integral part of my life.

The market sold everything; fruit, toys, pets, clothes, I remember the day surprisingly vividly considering it was 14 years ago now. After a whole day spent being lead around by Mum and Dad we were on the way back to the car when my sister and I spotted a wooden pen with 6 puppies inside. As any kid that age would of done I immediately pleaded with the pretext that the world as we know it will forever end if we don't bring one home with us that very moment.

Unlike countless other pleads such as these, this one actually worked. I remember my Dad saying no but Mum convincing him otherwise, alas I was tasked with the important task of choosing one of the puppies to take home with us, eventually settling for the most active of the bunch. Yay! On the drive home I got to name him, I was a huge Power Rangers fan at the time so I wanted to call him Jason (who I believe was the Red one) but instead settled upon Zac (can't remember which colour he was). 

13 years later Zac was still with us. He stayed with my family while we moved houses 3 times, during my entire High School years, most of my University years, all the way from growing child to teenager to young adult. He was a favourite amongst all my friends and family and we counted him as a core member of my family. He brought us so much fun, joy and many laughs.

I laugh even now remembering some of the funny stuff he did over the years.

Now that I think back about it, it was cool to see him grow from a tiny puppy of 6 months old to a veteran of 13 years, because the thing was that I myself was just a puppy when we met. We grew old together.

A year or so ago I saw the movie Marley and Me (a ridiculously sad movie) and it prompted me to miss Zac immensely. Upon returning home I took a bazillion photos of him, playing with him for hours. I feel so lucky I saw that movie and took those pictures when I did, because sadly only a few weeks later he passed away.

I was thinking about him today, I often do really, so I thought I'd write this post up to remember him by. He was an amazing dog, I miss him all the time, but I feel good with the knowledge that he lived a great life. You could tell he was happy.

  The day of seeing Marley and Me. His smile still makes me smile.
1996 - 2009


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