20 July 2010


Last week I taught my first class as a casual Tutor at my University, teaching Audio and Visual Game Elements to the 2nd years, today was my second week.  It went very well, I think much better then the week before actually.  This week I found myself much more relaxed and started chatting to the kids a lot more... although in a very casual and non-work related aspect but the rapport is just as important as the teaching! (Well that is how I justify wasting their time hehe)

Later on in the afternoon I was walking by a room where a practical class was taking place.  The teacher inside was a young guy who had only begun teaching the year before, although unless you had known that fact prior you probably wouldn't of guessed it.  I stopped outside the door unseen to listen in on his teachings, his style was well set and I immediately found myself wanting to change my style to mimic his.  Although to be fair after only 2 classes I don't even have a style, I guess in other words his style is what I would like my future style to become.

He spoke to the kids thoroughly, not just dictating what their tasks for the evening entailed but going deeper, exploring and opening the ideas of what they were doing and why. Getting the kids to think how what they are learning relates to the soon to come assignment and eventual exam.  It was awesome to listen to.

I cannot wait until next week now, I have built a pretty good rapport with my students by now and now hope to get them thinking about what they are doing, how it relates to their work and interests.  I would love for them to finish the class at the end of the semester having gained not just knowledge but some inspiration perhaps, and hopefully at the very least some fond memories!

Although I am sure all teachers start out this way... and perhaps I am being too ambitious.  Although, I have always been too ambitious which seems to be working for me thus far! =)


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