13 July 2010

That's Mr Reminiscing to you

I did it! Today I taught my first tutorial class at my University, sweet. My heart was racing that's for sure haha.

This all started a while back when Sophie (my awesome Honours supervisor) offered me the opportunity if I so chose to be able to teach the 2nd year Games Design and Development students for their practical classes.  Reading that post where I first was made aware of this opportunity I can see how excited I was even back then so I am glad that it turned out well and was indeed as much fun as I was hoping and imagined it would be.

The class I teach is Audio and Visual Game Elements, which isn't a forte of mine by any means but I can easily wing my way through just about any situation, which I did to the extreme the whole class to surprisingly great success.  The kids were foolish enough to actually listen to what I had to say hehe, which to be honest was a pretty awesome feeling.  During the class they were tasked with choosing a game and creating 3 sound effects using a microphone and a sound editing program, to my great delight some of them actually made some very impressive sounds.  I tried my best to show an interest in their work and what they had to say, I think for about 2 or 3 of them they valued that and seemed to open up rather well.

One mistake I fell for (which I shall learn for next class) is that I let them all start the tasks on their own... after about 30 minutes I went to check on their individual progress only to find the majority hadn't read the questions properly (or even at all) and were off on all sorts of wrong directions haha.

I don't think I ever in my younger days saw myself being a teacher (well, a teacher of some sorts), so I am rather proud of myself that I can still manage to surprise myself even during these hectic times.  My class is every Tuesday so here is hoping that it improves as the weeks go by!


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