25 May 2010

Enjoying Uni

I tell you what I don't seem to do on this blog anymore, reflect. Which to me at least is a shame, which is cool because I write this blog purely for myself and never in an attempt to gain followers. I am selfish in that regard aren't I? =P

Today was an absolutely awesome day, it was the exact kind of day that I needed right now. This year I have two major events in my life, my job (which is exactly related to the field of work I want to form a career in) and completing my Honours degree at University.

Every week I meet up with my absolutely awesome supervisor Sophie. She is one of the coolest person I have ever met in my life, I look up to her tremendously both as an academic and as a person. During these meetings we brainstorm ideas, I usually bombard her with about 3000 questions on everything from report writing methodologies to referencing citations, and as we have become good friends over the last few months, usually spend a while talking about whatever springs to mine.

They are definitely a highlight to my week.

Anyways, it got me thinking. She asked me how I am going with everything in general, how I am finding my other classes, how my research is progressing, basically my current mood if I am coping or feeling stressed (she is awesome like that). I took a minute to think about it.

My classes are going well, my research is progressing nicely with about 3 key components that are crucial to my research currently in motion, I seem to be on track with everything... and then it hit me. While this is a lot of work involving lots of reading of published papers, writing reports to be done, constant meetings, other classes assignments to complete, all this balancing with work, in the end I can sum it all up... I am enjoying everything minute and aspect of it immensely.

I get bored and lose focus with things extremely easy. Ha, for instance, right now I am sitting at my University library writing this blog when I had promised myself I would spend this time writing a report that is due. If I don't find something enjoyable, I just can't do it, so it was an awesome realization to know that I really value being here, it feels exactly where I am meant to be, where I belong at this point in my life.

Knowing that you are where you are meant to be is invaluable, I see and meet too many people that are in jobs, or courses, or even relationships that they just shouldn't be in. Their heart isn't completely in it, perhaps I am wrong (I usually am). If you aren't 100% invested in something then you're just kidding yourself and wasting your time. Life is too short is all I am saying.

This year, which scarily is already half way through, will be one of my toughest but also most rewarding of my life. By the end of the year I aim to have a completed Thesis written, with hopes (and possible plans) to even get it published with a recognized international journal.

Life is short, you can do whatever the hell you want, nothing is stopping you, make the most of it.


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