11 May 2010

Meant to be - Part Two

(This story is a continuation of this post here)

"I'm Aaron by the way"

"Carly" Wow, another coincidence... last year I kind of fell pretty hard for a girl called Carly who I was good friends with, which long story short didn't turn out in the end like I was hoping.

We got chatting, shared the usual like where we work, what we're studying, our age, she was actually a pretty awesome girl. Turns out her birthday was in 2 days time on the Friday... which is a little strange as mine was in 5 days on the Monday lol. She even studies at the same University campus as me, although that isn't too much of a coincidence around my area.

During the movie we shared a lot of laughs, we half talked half watched what was going on. It went pretty good, there wasn't any magical sparks or anything but you'd say we got along rather well. Made her crack up laughing when she offered me a really strong liquorish... it tasted terrible, I just could not swallow it but didn't want to spit out so I sat there with an awkward expression on my face, always good to make someone laugh haha.

As you could predict the movie came to an end.  We began to say our goodbyes, the entire time the days events playing on my mind... everything seemed like it had happened for a reason, maybe meeting Carly was it?

"Well nice meeting you, enjoy your night!" she says cheerily as she gets up to go rejoin her obviously baffled friends.

"Yeah you too, thanks for joining me" I say with a laugh. Crap, I can't let this end here! I know there wasn't any monumental spark between us which would warrant a second meeting, but surely it would be a bigger mistake to just walk away?

"Hey, you wouldn't want to do this again some time by any chance?"

"Oh, umm..." She hesitated.

"Ha that's alright never mind, just thought I'd ask"... sigh I am such a loser.

She calls out as I am about to turn around "Hey, did you want to meet my friends?"

Ummm... why? I didn't say that of course. "Sure".

She introduces them (I forgot their names as soon as I shook their hands), they had a rather comical look of bafflement on their faces, almost to say "who the hell is this guy... and why are we meeting him?". I summoned some willpower to stifle an oncoming burst of laughter.

"Aaron here has no power, that's why he is here". Carly explains.  Now, she obviously meant power as in electricity, but after just watching the movie 'Kick Ass', I, and you could see the two friends had also, jumped to the conclusion that she meant 'power' like one of the characters from the movie. Haha!

The two friends' faces went from slight bafflement to straight out confusion. I cracked up laughing. "She means power as in electricity, I have no electricity at home. She didn't mean power like the characters in the movie".

I thought it was a pretty funny, I think Carly laughed (can't quite remember)... the two friends gave out a minuscule exhale of air which I think was a pity laugh. Yikes, tough crowd, time to leave.

"Enjoy your birthday on Friday Carly, nice meeting you, take it easy!'  I say with a smile.

"Oh thanks! Yeah happy birthday to you too for Monday, I might see you around campus!"

I walk out feeling completely confused... was that what the whole day was leading towards? I didn't really gain anything from it. Sigh, who knows, lets go home.

On the way home I was sitting at a set of lights... the guy next to me had a shitbox car like mine. As soon as the lights turned green, we both flawed it! Up ahead the lane merges from 2 lanes to 1... I pumped my car as hard as I could, coming up to the single lane... closer, closer... I can make it! Dammit I have to change gear.  I pumped the clutch... lost the lead, had to hit the breaks as we reached the single lane... I lost the drag.

I never loose a drag! It almost seemed like some kind of punishment for messing up my meeting with Carly lol.

I get home to a pitch dark house, housemates are huddled together in the garage with candles and a notebook, it was quite a funny sight. Decided to sit on my favourite beach chair on the balcony before bed... the day needed some sorting through that's for sure. I was unaware that it had been raining while I was in the movies, the chair had turned into a miniature kiddy pool... I sat right in it.

I cracked up laughing at my own stupidity. Now was this punishment as well? This day is just too bazaar.

Later on Sabbi calls me, wanting to know the story of my day. We mellow over the details but couldn't come up with an answer on what any of it means... if it indeed was supposed to mean anything at all that is.

"I wonder when this will end, like was it just for today?" I question her.

"Hmm, well maybe it started when you seen the link to the 'Mad World' song yesterday on facebook, and then you seen it on a blog this morning, so maybe that's the middle, so the next time you see it that will mark the end".

That did seem plausible in a bit of a fate-is-real kind of way. "Well it is a pretty old song, I very rarely see or hear it these days. Seeing it twice in two days was coincidental enough."

The next day I return to work, still with yesterdays events twirling around my mind. About 10.30am, guess what song comes on the radio... I just couldn't believe it. Yep, you guessed it. 'Mad World' was playing. This is insane!

Freaky indeed...

I just can't believe the day... it really looked like I was meant to meet Carly for a reason. The song is called 'Mad World', which already is weird, there was so many variables that meant I could of so easily have missed that 9.10pm session of Kick Ass:
-I could of missed the bus in the morning and driven to work instead which would of changed things.
-If I had known that there was no class for the day, I would of stayed at work for the entire day instead, again changing things.
-If we hadn't lost electricity at the house I would of definitely missed the movies.
-If I caught the 8.12pm bus from Uni instead of the 7.40pm bus like I had originally planned to, I might of missed that session time.
-A chance that I could of chose to see a different movie (although it was only a toss up between Kick Ass and one other movie, but still).

Also the coincidence of seeing that song, and arriving at Uni at the same time as my sister, and receiving the sms from Jack straight after contemplating going home for the day... just too many coincidences!

Anyways, that was a few days ago now... I contemplated showing up at her work.  She works nearby in the liquor department of a supermarket... which is also freaky because on the Saturday just gone I lost my last bottle of alcohol in a taxi.  I loose my last liquor, she works at a liquor department? Haha it just keeps going. I decided against seeing her at work... seems a little stalker-ish for starters lol, as well as if I am meant to see her again I guess there is a chance I may see her around campus... so we shall let fate decide.

Although with the apparent 'punishments' after the movies it seems like that was a sign that I have missed my chance.

Meant to be, or pure chance?


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