09 May 2010

Meant to be - Part One

Wow... what a day. Or possibly even week, I am still not sure what to make of the events that have transpired over the past few days, it has definitely shaken what I thought I believed about fate.

We all have those times in our lives where it seems like something was meant to happen, some unknown force made even the most remotely feasible coincidence happen that leaves you wondering if it was indeed, just a coincidence, or something more. Sometimes it isn't a certain event, sometimes it is just a feeling you get, some sixth sense that plants a thought into your mind where you just know something even though you can't explain why.

It all started when I was on my cruise holiday a few weeks ago (bare with me, this is related), we heard the song 'Mad World', a well known song from the early 80's being played at one of the entertainment shows. Michael wanted to know what song it was, I remembered the title but not the band and promised I would look it up when we got back home.

Fast forward 2 weeks to Tuesday just gone. I log into facebook and see Michael has posted a link to 'Mad World' on his facebook wall. Nothing 'fate' like about that, so I first thought.

The next day was Wednesday, and here is when an unbelievable series of events starts to unfold.

I caught the bus to work as normal, got into work and did my usual routine when I get into work of checking emails, news, facebook and blogs. As I was browsing blogs I stumbled across a blog I had never seen before, scanning a few of her front page posts I see that she had a link to the song 'Mad World'... wow what are the chances, I rarely see or hear that song these days, and now I have seen it twice in 2 days, freaky!

At 12.30 I left work to take a bus to go to University as I had a class at 1pm. As the bus pulls into University my sister (who goes to the same campus as me), was in her car and pulled into the campus at the exact same time. Weird, that's twice now something highly unlikely has occurred.

Walk to my class only to discover the class had been canceled (to which I was not informed of...) so coming to Uni was a complete waste. I was on GoogleTalk chatting to my friend Martyn who suggested I might as well enjoy the unexpected day off and go home, which sounded pretty tempting. One minute after that was said, I receive a sms from my housemate Jack "Hey man, just letting you know our electricity has been cut and won't be back until tomorrow". Ok I guess that answers my choice for me, looks like I am staying at Uni for the day.

The entire day I am already getting a strange feeling that things are happening for a reason. Seeing the song twice, the bus arriving at the same time as my sister, class being canceled and me not being notified, thoughts about going home but then being notified the electricity is out therefore forcing me to stay at Uni... was something meant to happen today?

Martyn jokingly says 'maybe something is meant to happen today, make an effort to talk to as many hot chicks as you can'. I reply with 'haha well I am not sure it works if I am trying to make something happen, fate is supposed to guide me unexpectedly'.

With no desire to return to a dark house I stayed at Uni until night time. Originally I was going to take the 8.12pm bus home but opted to catch the 7.42pm instead. Once home I dropped off my bag, jumped in my car, got some petrol, got some McDonalds for dinner and made my way to the cinemas with the idea that a movie will pass enough time until bed time.

I didn't know where my housemates were so I decided to see a movie by myself, which some people say is sad, some say they prefer it at times to get a bit of alone time. All I can say is don't knock it till you try it, it is actually pretty relaxing lol. Anyways, arrived at the cinemas at around 8.40pm, chose to see the 9.10pm session of the movie 'Kick Ass'.

Wander into the cinema alone hoping that I would be the only one there, which I was for the first 10 minutes until a handful of people came in. I was at the very back on the room, center seat, Ipod headphones on in an effort to give a 'probably best to avoid sitting next to me' vibe to deter any would be kids sitting next to me, giggling throughout the movie. The plan worked.

A group of three friends walk in, two girls and a guy, they sit about 4 rows ahead of me. I think at that stage I thought in my head 'how nice would it be to have some company, I've got no one and that guy has two chicks with him!'. Something alone those lines lol.

Eventually the movie is about to begin, the lights go dim, I take off my headphones and push any thoughts of loneliness from my mind to just enjoy the moment.

Alas, about 5 minutes later one of the girls out of the group of 3 friends gets up from her seat, comes over and sits next to me.

"Hey! I felt bad seeing you watching a movie all on your own so I thought I would come and keep you company". She says.

"Hey, ha ok yeah sure, that'd be great!". Random, but awesome! Oh crap, I hope she doesn't think I am some kind of loner with no friends who often spends their nights alone in cinemas. "Powers out"... I half blurted, half seizured out...


"Power, at home, electricity." Argh why am I so retarded?!.. "The electricity at my house has been cut, so I'm just here to pass the time for the night. I would be here with my housemates but I couldn't find them when I got home".

She laughs "Oh no way, that's so unlucky!"

To be continued...


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