23 April 2013

Midnight in Paris

I am far from being a Francophone at any stretch of the imagination, although I am slowly teaching myself to speak French. I live in Australia, perhaps one of the most geographically distant places from France as you could possibly be, although we do love our wines and fine dining here too. And despite myself I find myself quite moved as I sit here watching Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris.

I love Owen Wilson's character, he reminds me of myself; full of passion, rants, ideologies, all of which seem to fall on deaf ears when expressed to his friends and family. He is, of course, with the wrong woman, one who not only does not support these... eccentricities of his, but even shuns them! This to me is unacceptable, and depressing, for my biggest joy in life is the chance to just be myself, completely myself, and being able to do this with other people around me, ones who accept it all, or even support it.

I, of course, have not a woman of my own, but much like the character in the movie I like to live in a different time era, and dream of what my future might hold and how I wish to shape it. At 24 years old I have yet been lucky enough to find 'the one', but I guess I am still young, and there is still much learning to be done and adventurous to be had. Despite all the cities I have visited before, and the countless people I have already met, I still don't feel quite at home yet nor have I found the place where I feel I truly belong.

I do not think France is that place, but the idea of it does fill me with hope and inspiration to at the very least keep searching. To find that special place, and that special someone.

I like to think that I am destined for somewhat greatness. Not to become famous or a celebrity of course, as that is something I have no interest in, but greatness more in the sense of what greatness to me feels like. At peace, happy, productive, full of life accomplishments and adventures.

After recently returning from my 11 month solo trip around America I feel that it was just a test, a stepping stone, with the real challenges still ahead of me just waiting to be thought up, planned for, and then embarked upon. I want to live in a foreign country that speaks a foreign language, whether that be France, Taiwan, Japan or China. I want that challenge of learning the new language and culture, of starting a brand new life, to see the world through different eyes and customs.

And most importantly, well, there are two things that are most important to me, and they are this; to first and foremost find what my passion is, my calling, where my true skills and desires lie in life. In Midnight In Paris the protagonist called himself a writer. I do not have a title to call myself when someone asks me 'And what do you do?'. I do too many things, which is an answer yet not an answer to the question at the same time.

And secondly, of equal importance, and I fear I am repeating myself here but alas I want to state it clearly again; I want to find someone to do all this with, to share all these ideas with, and to learn from theirs as well. Life is too complicated and boring to traverse on ones own, and much like the movie where the main character realizes that he is with the wrong person who does not enhance his life, I too know that finding the right person to enhance your life is worth the risks, wait, and the courage.

Peut'etre, une jour bientot, je vais le trouver.


Hannah Marie said...

Une idée extraordinaire. Je dis allez-y!

Azz said...

Oh la la! Parlez-vous Francais Hannah? C'est chouette! J'espere nous pouvons le parlez tres bien une jour.

Je'n suis pa tres bien, mais voulez-vous a' pratiquer avec moi puet'etre, via email? Si pas, tout bon!

Azz said...

mon email est azzer2.0@hotmail.com

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