14 April 2013

Having fun rebuilding

After enjoying my unemployment immensely with days at the beach, golf, and catching up with all my friends again once more (wow I missed them while I was away!) I figured it was time to get serious with life once more. After getting some affairs in order (renewing my driver's license, reopening my bank account), the next thing to tackle of course was to find some employment, as disappointingly I can't continue on this holiday life-style forever haha.

My first attempt for employment was at my old University where I still have many great friends and contacts. I talked to a couple of my old lecturers to see if they had any work they'd be happy to pass on to me, and as my luck would have it they did!

Every Friday I am now teaching the Project Management class for 3rd year and Masters students, awesome! I absolutely love teaching the practical classes at my University, as I've conducted a class before whilst I was doing my Honours degree back in 2010, so to have the chance to do so again is fantastic. Not to mention that the income is most highly welcomed seeing as I've just spent the last 11 months traveling America off my savings account.

To add even further to my employment success I also got hired by one of the lecturers to do some computer programming for a project he is working on (I am a computer programmer if you were unaware), which means more income, yay!

Despite this win I still have a long way to go however, for the teaching is only on Fridays, and the programming is only a couple of days a week also, thus I will need some more solid employment soon if I am to get back on my feet. For now there is little urgency as I am staying at my parents house since my return from America, therefore (and thankfully!) accommodation and food is free, but I really do not wish to be at my parents house any longer than I have to be. The University is one hours drive away, and all my amazing friends whom I had to leave behind live near the University also. It is where my life is really, and I hate being away from it.

I am quite enjoying this 'rebuilding life' challenge that I have stepped into. To return from overseas after such a long time you can rarely just step into your old life again and continue on like nothing ever happened, and instead must kind of rebuild it all over again. It is awesome however when you think about it, it is almost like being able to start over again where you can begin from the base and build upwards in any way you like.

I have a grand idea on how I am hoping to shape my life, and now I get to have the fun of building it that way =)


Tania said...

"A Land Down Under" started playing on the radio right as I started to read this. It made me laugh. Good timing.

Azz said...

Haha! Nice one. Hey Tania, while I have you... I've lost your URL for your blog! Please remind me?

You can email if you prefer: azzer2.0@hotmail.com

Tania said...


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