08 April 2013

Enjoying my unemployment

Week three of my return to Australia after my 11 month travel abroad, and I know I must sound like a terribly broken these days with all this talk of being home, but seriously it is much more difficult to do than you may imagine! Unless of course you have also done it yourself, in which case I am sure you would agree with me here. Ha, anyways, slowly I am getting life back on track, and am curiously optimistic (and equally petrified) about what the future may hold.

And what's the first step you may ask? Applying for jobs to start saving again To enjoy some great times with my sorely missed friends of course!

Me looking for employment. I searched all day but couldn't find any!

My friends however, annoyingly, all either work full-time or study full-time. The downfall there is just that, it is full-time, meaning that when its midday on a Tuesday and I feel like going to the beach or a game of golf, I have no one to go with! Which then cheers me up as I realize that it is midday on a Tuesday and I am debating whether I'd prefer to sit by the beach or play some golf while all my friends are stuck at work, ha. In their moments of freedom from commitments however, we have had quite the fun since my return!

My great mate Brendan is an avid lawn bowls player (he is 23 years old, not 60, by the way), and organized a lawn bowls tournament for about 12 of our friends. Many beers were had, while also attempting to bowl, which is difficult to do even whilst sober so you can imagine the chaos that ensured. The thrill of the night got the best of me, and I got pretty hammered I admit, which thankfully was to the delight of my two team mates (my friends Liz and Isaac) who joined me with my new found enthusiasm for the game of lawn bowls, and we proceeded to be the loudest, most energetic team on the field haha! It was awesome.

The highlight of the night of course was being greeted via a gigantic hug by Polly... the girl who I was crazy about before I left for my trip, and whom now that I am back and despite it being over a year since I had last seen her, it appears I am still crazy about? But that is for another post.

As for my previous posts about struggling to cope with being home again? Well, they definitely still apply, for despite all this free time and the fun times with my friends I am still constantly on edge, and worried that things won't work out and that I'll be unemployed for far too long or that things won't be how I remember them or... I don't know. I guess it is the unknown in life that gets to me at times despite how it also excites me at the same time. For now, I will enjoy the good times while they come.

Hmm... maybe there is employment opportunities out here?


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