01 April 2013

It didn't get easier

A week ago now I returned to my home of Australia after 11 months backpacking around America, and one of the biggest things I have taken away from that trip was this: Travel is damn tough!

Physically, mentally and emotionally you are stretched to your absolute limits, and despite being away for 11 months, I was honestly ready to go home after 6. But that was okay, I pushed through, stuck it all out, and managed to walk away with more memories, achievements and experiences than I ever planned or dreamed of really, all the while keeping in mind that it is temporary and once I am home things will become easier once more.

Well, it turns out, life is damn tough where ever you are.

Being home was a huge shock, and even now I have one foot in my house in Australia and the other carrying my backpack about to board another bus ride to who knows where. I'm restless and stressed. I am loving being back in my old room and surrounded by friends and family, whilst also wandering around aimlessly during the days as I have forgotten what the old me used to do before the travel lifestyle.

In short, I thought things would get easier.

I need a job. Turns out they are difficult to get, made more so by the fact that I have absolutely no willpower nor desire to obtain one.

When does life get easier? When do I get even the slightest of breaks?


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