29 April 2013

Documenting the fun times

I cannot express how much of an emotional rollercoaster it is to be back home in Australia again, with no end in sight. It's been a constant flux from anxiety about the fact that I have nothing figured out with no job or house to call my own, not to mention the challenge of adjusting to not being on the travel road anymore... to pure and uninterrupted joyous elation at being taken care of by my parents (I am staying with them for the time being), the amazingly fun time with my friends, and being able to enjoy the simple joys in life that I missed whilst traveling such as staying up late on your on computer and blogging.

The last 2 months have been a blur, a whirlwind, a fairytale and a nightmare. But regardless of the emotion I am feeling on any given day (or in any given hour really), it is one that will forever shape me, alas I want to write it down here.

First there was a camping trip with one of my very best friends. It was an absolute blast, just 3 simple and laid back days of fishing, chilling by the fire, beers, and chatting. It was the first time I have gotten away from home since my return, and it was the perfect way to leave all my stress behind.

Enjoying the blue skies and open fields!
I now get to spend time again with one of my favourite females in the world... Tessa! I try and see her every week, and with the weather still great of late, the beach is our favourite hang out.

My package containing some mosaic art works I did whilst in New York City that I have been expecting finally arrived, very cool! And I am glad they made it all this way in one piece. Wow... I still can't believe only two months ago I was living and working in Manhattan.

There has also been some amazing parties and drinking nights with my very best friends, one of which I am tempted to post some pictures of because of how ridiculously I was dressed! (It was a colourful dress-up themed party... yeah, things got wild!).

There was a second camping trip, this time with the same best friend that I went with the previous time, but also with two other friends as well (one being that girl that I am secretly crazy about...). It was... far out, it really was an amazing time really, one in which I think I need to dedicate a post to. Alas, another day perhaps.

And... well, just too much stuff really. I don't know, I am never writing on this blog to brag, or to try and convince you readers that 'my life is amazing' or something like that... far from it. In fact, my life is indeed far from amazing, I just choose not to write too much about the bad stuff, that's all. The reason I do write all this down however is for my own personal collection and archive, for I fear that, I don't know, like I will forget all these amazing times or something, and it scares me that I might forget about them. This of course makes little sense, because if they really were that amazing then I am sure my brain would remember them anyway, true?

I guess I just like being able to go back and read about times like this when I might be having a bad day, or feeling lonely, or lost, or anxious, or the myriad of other low points that come and go, as they do to everyone.

I hope you all are having your own memorable moments too, sincerely.


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