01 March 2013

How I can't wait to return home

It is summer time in my home of Australia at the moment, and alternatively it is winter here in my temporary home of New York City. I love this city, I truly do. If I had a good friend or two here, I could honestly and easily stay forever. I've dreamed of this place for years and it truly has met those dreams and gone even further beyond.

I'd love to be here for the warmer months. A pointless wander through Central Park on a sunny day. Midnight walks along the Hudson river. Picnics on a rooftop. Yep... that would indeed be grand.

But, alas, that is too far away. It is February here at the moment with the warmer months quite some time away still, and besides the fact that I am legally only allowed to stay here until April, Australia is calling me far too strongly for me to stay longer otherwise. Despite the fact that I could technically stay here legally if I really wanted to for another year or two. But I don't.

I thought I was going home back in December, I honestly had the ticket booked to return home. That was until the out-of-nowhere job offer of course, which made the choice of staying and postponing my flight home out of my hands really. I wanted to go home, I truly did, but there was no way that I could pass on the opportunity of a paying job and free accommodation in the very heart of Manhattan, which really was the ultimate dream.

Australia will always be my home, and when I return I have such grand plans for how I want to shape my life and how I plan to spend my time. Friends will be recruited to join my grand ideas of course! Quite possibly against their will ha.

Not long to go now!


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