18 March 2013

A return to where it literally all began

In March 2012 I officially set off from Australia to begin my travels around America. After countless adventures, challenges, and twists, I have officially done a full circle, for I have now arrived back at the very first hostel that I stayed in when I began this trip: the Duo Housing hostel in Los Angeles! To return was fantastic, for it still remains my absolute favourite hostel out of my entire trip, and was such a fitting place to finalize this trip with too.

Awesomely all the same staff at the Duo Housing from my first time here are still working there, and even better was that they all remembered me well, with many big hugs thrown my way as I first stepped through the door (something much welcomed after sitting on a lonely airplane for the last 6 hours!). To be surrounded by, what I'd say are friends, was so refreshing, lifting, and something I had missed for quite some time.

This was a cool find! This was pinned up on the board in the Duo Housing hostel, where people can write thank you notes and whatnot. This is a letter I wrote back when I was here last time! I had completely forgotten all about it, and it was awesome to see it was still there.
 So what's the plan? Well... I hate long plane flights, so I definitely wasn't keen on a direct flight home to Australia from New York City, so much like when I first began this trip I have opted to stop over in Los Angeles before moving on. That little rest makes all the difference. Although it is a short rest, as my plane back home to Australia was in 3 days time!


Better yet though is the blue skies and sunshine that Los Angeles receives. After being in the chilled and snowy New York City for the last 4 months it is something I was looking forward to for weeks! One of my good travel mates Pedro works at the Duo Housing, who I met during my last stay there, and he had a day off so we went to explore some sights of Los Angeles that I had yet to see. Specifically, the observation deck of the city Town Hall which offered some amazing city views.

Made an awesome new Japanese friend named Akio, who is hoping to become a director some day. As part of his travels he specifically came to Los Angeles to visit their film schools, which are meant to be some of the best around. I decided to accompany him on one of his tours of the Los Angeles Film School Academy, which turned out pretty awesome!

The following day I was really looking forward to sitting on the beach all day... which of course didn't go to plan. I caught the bus, which got stuck in a traffic jam, and after an hour I gave up and took a bus back towards the hostel, dismissing my beach dreams! But, as my luck would have it, I thought I'd give the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art a try again, as it was quite enjoyable on my first visit. Things just kept better and better, for I somehow accidentally managed to get into the museum without buying a ticket, thus saving me money. Win. Then, within my first 5 minutes, some lady informs me that a free tour is about to begin... count me in! Tours are awesome.

This tour turned into one of my favourite of my entire trip, for it discussed one of my favourite topics: Ancient Civilizations!

Now normally when I go on a museum tour and recap it here on the blog, I get all enthusiastic and like to share some of my newly gained knowledge with you guys... but I think I will refrain from doing so this time. Despite how interesting it was to learn about the first two pictures above, the ones of the large wall carvings, that were apparently a part of a collection that spanned the walls of an entire palace, with over 60 of those wall carvings throughout! It is believed that they told a story and a message, particularly to enemies or newcomers that entered the city, basically declaring how strong and powerful the city was and that confrontation is best to be left undone. But, whatever, I won't go into detail like I usually do.

So that turned out into a pretty awesome day in fact... and did, I admit, make me have a slightly higher opinion of Los Angeles than I previously held before. Interesting.

My blog is a bit out of order and timing of late, for I have been far too busy and lazy to keep on top of it. Tomorrow, in fact, is my flight back home to Australia. And wow am I nervous. And excited. And in complete disbelief!

11 months. Eleven, long, far away months, is how long I have been on the travel road. It is time to go home.

Let's just hope tomorrow goes to plan shall we?


Dave said...

You've had quite the journey in these past 11 months. I wish you a safe trip home, and a warm welcome from your friends and family!

Azz said...

Thanks bud! All went well.

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