14 February 2013

I want to share my adventures

I love creating adventures in my life. For instance, I am currently traveling around America and have been for 10 months now. While life is pretty settled at the moment as I have a permanent apartment to live in and even a job (yes, a job! Never expected that) so the 'adventure' is a bit hard to see from the outside, but being in a different country outside your own is an adventure everyday really!

And I know the 'norm' in life, as a 24 year old, is meant to be something along the lines of 'follow a career, save money, start saving for a house' but there has always been a glaring problem with that in my view; that's booooooring! Why do I want to spend my young, somewhat 'prime' years of my life working away at most likely a job I am not too thrilled about and would much rather be spending my time with friends or pursuing my hobbies. So I am starting to wonder, perhaps I can continue to have 'adventures' indefinitely? Or, for at least another few years?

With only three weeks remaining until I return home to Australia, I guess I am already in the process of planning for my next adventure. A small idea is to go teach English in Taiwan for 6 months, as I have made two incredible Taiwanese friends whilst on this current trip whom live there so that is a bonus, plus I have heard great things about it from people who have done it before.

But... there is a problem, which brings my to the reason I am writing this post. Adventures can only be a certain amount of fun when they are experienced on your own, in my experience anyway. Sure I have had some absolutely incredible times on this current American backpacking trip... but I can definitely vouch that solo travel can indeed be insanely lonely, even when you do manage to make new friends. The prospect of traveling to yet another country soon (for example if I follow through with the teaching in Taiwan idea as mentioned above) for let's say 6 months at the minimum, doesn't sound as enticing as it should be.

And with that in mind, my mind starts to daydream (as it frequently does) and I long for the day (if ever?) that I may be so lucky to acquire a travel buddy of sorts, someone who shares my exact interest in living these 'adventures' if you will. Be it a girlfriend, or even just a good platonic friend (male or female), the idea to share these adventures with someone, and to be able to bask in the excitement of anothers, is one of my greatest wishes and dreams in life. Perhaps I will be so lucky one day?

Or perhaps not.

"Happiness is only real when shared"

Which then leads me to the conflict of whether I should continue these adventures at all, and perhaps should instead be thankful for a simpler life and settle down in my home of Australia, near family and friends, people whom I dearly, dearly miss and would love to have close by at all times. I tell you one thing, not until you have experienced what it is like to be truly on your own can you truly appreciate your family and friends.

I guess the best thing for me to do is to come home from this current trip and go from there... although wow, I can't tell you how scary that is. To be away from your home for nearly a year, to suddenly return and expect to be able to pick up where you left off? Makes me quite nervous indeed.


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