06 March 2013

New blog domain name (URL)

Hey guys... hopefully you can still find my blog after I kind of messed up the domain name registration (meaning, I left it too late to renew my URL and it expired), but I've decided for a new address anyway.

From now on my old address of www.things-that-once-were.com is obselete and my new address is:


If you come across a broken link, please let me know.


Tania said...

Seems to work!

Sue Lin said...

Found u! Not sure after how many months!

Azz said...

Tania! Glad you commented! My 'Blogs I follow' list deleted itself and I had to remake it, and for some reason I can't find your one again. And I have forgotten the address.

Can you remind me please? =)

Haha, glad to see you are still stopping by Sue Lin. I have been reading all your posts as well.

Thanks girls!

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