14 March 2013

My very last day in New York City

Today my friends, was my very last day in New York City as I take my first steps towards heading back home to Australia. Tomorrow I fly to Los Angeles where I will hang out for a couple of days, before flying to Australia after that. My thoughts and impressions on this revelation?

Disappointment at leaving. Immense excitement about returning home. Doubts that I did all that I could have with the time that I had. Pride at all I have achieved in the time that I had. The list is as mixed as it is infinite.

Now, despite the fact that you'd think that I'd be pretty familiar and comfortable with this thing called 'traveling' after participating in said 'travel' activities for quite some time now... you would in fact be quite wrong and I still freak out whenever I am going anywhere new.


Why? No idea.

It could have something to do with the fact that plans rarely... go to plan, and I worry that this final, and arguably most important plan (to return home to Australia), might not go to plan, which is a plan that I can not afford to not go to plan!

So... we shall see what happens.

Anyways moving on. As my insane (although unpredictable) luck would have it, it was a beautiful weather day despite the huge snow storm that had passed over this area of the country only two days before hand, leaving the day wide open to exploring just one last time.

View from my apartment window... better get outside! Side note: how cool are the snow-capped rooftops?
Outside the apartment

My first destination was another 'must see' item which was to visit the real life pub that the pub from the TV show 'How I Met Your Mother' is based off! It's called McGee's... and whilst it wasn't quite like the one on the show, it was still pretty cool.

The bangers and mash, coupled with a beer, made for a damn good lunch
After lunch my destination was north, because what better place to have a nice, casual walk in New York City than Central Park? Little did I realize how incredible this walk would turn out to be.

As mentioned we had been hit by a fair bit of snow the last few days, with today being the first blue skies in quite some time. Well, while the roads and sidewalks were mostly void of snow, I didn't realize that of course there would still be snow in the parks!

Magic followed...

I think you will agree with me here, but below are some of my favourite of photos that I have taken on this entire trip. It was magical to say the least.


It had been... a rather indescribable day really. The surprise of a snow covered Central Park was just the absolute perfect ending, as I really couldn't have asked for any better a send off from this absolutely amazing city. I feel honoured, blessed, and lucky to have been here for as long as I have, and in the way in which I have too. To have been able to live in, work in, and experience the true essence of what this city had to offer was not only a dream come true, but a 'dream expander', meaning that it went beyond even my wildest dreams.

11 months ago when I first landed in Los Angeles I had no idea what was in store for me. I kind of wish I could go back in time and show myself one of the pictures above, to tell myself not to worry, that it will all turn out pretty damn good in the end with not one stone unturned or page unread.

On my return from Central Park to my apartment, I could have opted for the 1 hour long walk back, which I would have been happy to do. Or even the cheap $2.25 subway ride was a viable option. Instead, I wanted to stand on the side walk, to stick my hand out, and within 30 seconds have a yellow taxi dangerously swerve over three lanes of traffic, blatantly disregarding the others on the road all in the effort to get a fare, just one last time. To be able to sit in the backseat and stare out the window as we drive, watching in silence the always bustling streets, the skyline littered with highrise buildings, the parks, and streets vendors, and art, and the truly countless other characteristics that this city has on every street.

To soak it all in, to admire its beauty, its intricacies, its people walking around, and most importantly to be able for one last time feel and remember what it is like to be apart of all this, to actually to have been one of those small unique intricacies, even if it was only for a little while.

What a true adventure it really all was.

Looking up 5th Ave, and 12th street, as I got out of the taxi, thankful for the day that had been
Tomorrow morning I catch a flight to Los Angeles, where I will stay for a few days before catching my flight home to Australia later in the week. I won't try and describe how I think and feel about that, as it is far too difficult to do so. On one hand I don't believe that after all this time I am to be returning home. On the other... well, I can't really convince myself that these past 11 months weren't just some long drawn out dream.

Either way, I can remember today as best as I can, and for what it was; a grand, and final goodbye to a city, to a dream, to the truly ultimate adventure that was; New York City.


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