05 March 2012

So... remember that girl?

Remember about a month ago I mentioned the girl Polly (not her real name of course) that I was terribly taken in by, and remember my last mention of this topic where I declared that I am going to put it all behind me because it could never happen between us... well after a few weeks of successfully 'putting it behind me', as my strange luck in life would have it I now find myself living with her for a few weeks before my trip.

Seriously Universe...!?

This was in no way intentional on my part, my landlord randomly called a few weeks ago saying that she needed me out of the house rather quickly, and I of course still have a few weeks to go until my America trip, so staying at Polly and Brendan's (her housemate and my good friend) house who had a spare room and was in a good location was the logical thing to do.

So, what's it like living with the girl you are secretly crazy about and were in the process of trying to... not be crazy about? Interesting is one word that comes to mind... other words include terrifying, awesome, confusing, lucky, unlucky. I would try and sum up how it is like, but I think you guys could imagine yourself in this position easily enough.

Six months ago when I first fell for her, I did not think this is where I would end up ha.

Sigh. In other news, I have moved house (obviously) but this allowed me to knock off a few items on my New York City trip 'to-do' list, mainly getting rid of a lot of stuff that I no longer needed, and I sent the rest of my belongings back to my parents house which was a huge burden off my mind so that's a positive for sure. And besides the Polly thing, living at this new house has been amazing... I have only been there a week so far but in that time it has been so ridiculously awesome. In the last rental house both housemates moved out about 5 months ago leaving me on my own in a large 3 bedroom house, so it is nice to have company again, and even nicer that the company is two of my favourite friends Polly and Brendan.

Man life is so terribly complicated sometimes... or all of the time. Too many commitments and games and worries and options and surprises, do we ever just get some no-strings attached peace and quiet sometime?


Kathy Schneider said...

Hey, I just thought I would let you know that this warning message pops up whenever I try to view your blog and I have to tell it to let me onto the site any way. Here is the warning:

things-that-once-were.blogspot.com contains content from www.the9th5alternative.com a site known to distribute malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site

Just thought you would like to know that that is happening.

Out of Sync said...

Thanks Kathy, yep am in the process of fixing it right this minute. I think I have just fixed it actually so hopefully all is good now.

Hannah Marie said...

WOW!! I never expected this.
Life really does throw random and amazing things our way :)

If that was me, haha I'd be putting on my best acting skills.

Out of Sync said...

Haha well we must be alike because that's exactly what I am doing... I think I should be a potential nomination for an Oscar after this =P

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