18 March 2012

Is officially unemployed... awesome!

I quit my job today. It was awesome =D

Well, in reality I had told my boss over 6 months ago that I was planning to travel to America for an extended amount of time and that it would most likely be happening in March 2012... but that is still technically quitting!... although it wasn't one of those grand 'I QUIT!!' storm outs that most people dream of doing. Far from it actually, I really loved my job, my colleagues and boss... it was a reluctant leave in many ways.

Coming this June would of marked my forth year at the company... which absolutely blows me away, I honestly still remember my first day!

I was lucky enough to get a 3 month internship at a software development company in my second year of University. I have no idea how I got it to be honest, my computer programming skills at the time were far below satisfactory, but I rolled with it and went to the interview anyway, somehow got the job, tried my best, they liked me enough to hire me as a permanent employee once the initial internship expired and yep, 4 years later I am now leaving.

My final day was simple, just how I wanted it to be. I wrote each colleague a card (there wasn't many), we had a great final lunch together at a fancy restaurant as a treat from the boss, said our farewells, and then I went home. Officially closing what was one of the biggest chapters of my life.

Because of that job I now have nearly 4 years of industry experience straight out of graduating from University, have a pretty respectable savings account now, and have learned so many invaluable skills that I couldn't have learned anywhere else. It truly has set me up for life... and all that from simply on a whim applying for an internship that at the time I was convinced I was far too unqualified for. Amazing.

Oh, and why did I quit my job? Because this time next week I will be traveling around America!


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