26 March 2012

I leave in 2 days time!

Guys, it has finally arrived!

What has? You may ask, for even the most regular of readers have most likely understandably forgotten because it has been such a long time coming.

Basically, in 2 days time I embark on my trip to New York City!


I must say actually that reading that post I linked above is pretty amazing and rather surreal, to read something that I had written over two years now, having no idea that it would be the launch pad for a life changing event. I know as I typed those words, all that time ago, that I didn't truly think that I would actually take my own word and make it all happen. But alas, after literally months and months of preparation of obtaining VISA's, booking flights and accommodation, quitting my job, selling all my stuff and so much more that I didn't blog about, it is hard to truly take in that the day has actually arrived.

Tomorrow I leave for Sydney, Australia where I will stay with family for a few days before flying out to Los Angeles and taking it from there.

Of course I am already missing my friends... it was so humbling (and at times surprising) to see how much some people will miss me. I hugged Kate like there was no tomorrow, Kane came up and gave me a very heartfelt goodbye which I didn't expect, Carolyn got me an amazingly thoughtful gift of a small 'St Christopher' necklace piece that apparently signifies safe travels, Jason (my best mate) wrote an epic message in the goodbye card, and there was just a lot of general 'we will really miss you' from absolutely everyone.

And of course there was the big, strong hug I gave to Polly and saying a very sincere 'I am really going to miss you' and hearing a 'I will miss you too, it has been so much fun having you around' in return that I will not forget for quite some time.

The best and worst part about this trip is having absolutely no idea how it might play out. Worst case scenario is I just hate being away from friends and family so much that after only a month I return (which isn't really that bad anyway). Best case scenario is I make some friends and find a job pretty quickly, and without really realizing it months have gone by and I am having fun. Or an even better scenario is I meet a nice girl. 

But I guess regardless of what happens from today onwards, in the very least I can hold my head up and say at least I gave it an honest go.

Wish me luck!


Tom said...

Change is exciting. Definitely want to do something like this at some point.

Kathy Schneider said...

Good luck and have fun. I've been to New York a number of times (I live within driving distance) and its been wonderful each and every time.

Jas said...

We are going to be in Los Angeles ---- oh wait, but not at the same time. #WampWamp.

Let me just say, from one life-adventurer to another, that I am going to be sending you good wishes and thoughts along your journey. Packing up your life and moving it across the planet is difficult. But you know what? You'll be fine. You'll have fun. You'll have stories.

And you had better write them on here!

Jez said...

Good luck buddy! I'm sure everything will go well but expect a few surprises. Life wouldn't be the same without a few surprises, and personally I wouldn't want it any other way! Everything is experience and experience is everything. Have fun out there and keep us updated!

Out of Sync said...

Tom - Definitely do so man, life is too short to just work all your life.

Kathy - Awesome, I pretty much hear that exact same thing from absolutely everyone, so I am really excited about it =D Although it is quite some time away still, I am currently in LA... opposite side of the country hehe.

Jas - Oh! When are you in LA?? I am in LA area for at least a few weeks it is looking like. Thanks so much for the encouragement, I will carry that with me.

Jez - Thanks bud! Yep, there are always surprises haha, but have to stay calm at all times =P Will definitely keep everyone updated.

Thanks everyone! I think I have some pretty rad followers to say the least :D

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