21 September 2011

Time for a ramble

Yikes, what a crazy few days that was.  It is now 9.37pm Wednesday night and I have been on the non-stop go since last Friday.  I don't work very well if I am denied the time to stop and catch up on my thoughts... my mind gets messed up, complex, full.  Ha, my writing at this very moment is absolutely terrible, these sentences aren't flowing, the story is being dragged into a million different directions, and I am constantly deleting lines I have just written to replace them with as equally confusing ones.

I do apologize!

Alas, I am here to force myself to ramble in the hope that I can straighten some thoughts out.  Rambling (and procrastination) is why I originally started this blog nearly 2 years ago now, and over that time I have realized greatly the plethora of benefits blogging can bring.  It allows me to keep track of my progress in life, to rant a little, to get things off my mind and chest, and also to just basically figure out what is going on at the given moment.  

And on that note, at the present moment I would say I am feeling... deeply overwhelmed.

But I don't mean emotionally overwhelmed... that doesn't really happen to me I have found haha.  I seem to have the emotion range and sensitivity of a dog... with my emotional spectrum basically ranging between; hungry, ridiculously sad or ridiculously happy, and nothingness.  Anyways, no, the overwhelming feeling I am speaking of is in regards to my thoughts... the last few days were hectic, thus the pressure of finishing my ever growing to-do list is becoming quite daunting.  So much to do with the appearance of such little time!

The to-do list (from what I can remember off the top of my head):

- Apply for Visa for NYC trip (Sigh... getting close!)
- Catch up on blogs (at least that is one thing I am finally attempting haha)
- Practice iOS development (got a tutorial book to get through)
- Design any of the apps ideas (I have about 15 iPhone app ideas I want to get a move on with)
- Organize SOMETHING eg. laptop files, clothes wardrobe, myself (Was getting desperate here lol)
- Start my novel (This can wait)
- Create story for video game  (I'm currently developing a video game with a friend)
- Organize email inbox (50 emails in my inbox simply act as reminders for myself...)
- Develop app for my musician friend Jason (This can wait)
- Develop app for my best mates band (This can wait)

Hmm, I guess that doesn't look too bad.  I mean... none of them have deadlines really (besides applying for the Visa of course), all the rest are just things I like to do for fun.  My only concern is that I am letting full-time work get the better of me and am not doing more of the fun stuff that I wish I had the time to do, especially as some of these items have been on my to-do list for literally over 6 months now.  

Hmm, I do feel slightly better having it written down on my blog at least (and not just spread over my email inbox where I have sent emails to myself to remind me these things...).  There are quite a few more pressing items that are on my mind, but I think that is enough spilling of the mind for one night.

Yes, my mind feels slightly lifted already.

I love blogging =)


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