30 September 2011

Hmm... it appears I have a date

Like most things in my life, I just kind of fall into random situations where I am not entirely sure how they how they came to be.  This has happened again, as without really realizing I find myself planning for Friday night in which I actually have a date with a girl. Ha... yeah... cool?

The reason I am not overly ecstatic about it all is because firstly, as I just mentioned above, I am not really sure how I got here.  I met her about... 3 weeks ago at a friends birthday party, we hit it off pretty well.  Didn't see her for a while after that (although she did float into my mind from time to time, she had made a great impression), and then about a week ago I was heading out with friends so I sent her a text, she came along, we pretty much were glued together with conversations the entire time, then I vaguely remember some time during the night (after ridiculous amounts of beer) I challenged her to a bet, lost it, with the result being I am to pay for dinner for our just then decided upcoming date.  Ha.

However, somewhat regrettably, I already know I don't want to take it any further then we are now.  That's not to say she is not cool, as very much on the contrary she is actually really awesome.  Super smart, funny as, really casual and friendly, she is just about everything I would ever ask for (keywords: just about).  But without being too judgmental or superficial, my main reasons for not wanting to take it further are simply that I honestly don't really want a girlfriend right now.  Sure the company would be nice, not to mention how amazing it would be to finally have someone to bring with me to all my family events and occasions where all my relatives have a partner and I am the only odd one out.

That's not even including my cousins upcoming wedding in November where again my single-ness will be portrayed almost as a disease as I stand next to the crowd of couples around me. Ha!

But anyways, yeah, as it stands I am currently just having a ridiculous amount of fun at the moment in life.  I'm living out of home with an amazingly cool house mate, I'm currently focusing a lot on my health and fitness, trying to save money for next year, and spending lot of time on my many hobbies.  Then there is simply the joy of the unhindered freedom to go out on random wild nights out, attend parties, catch up friends, all without having to worry about another person.

It's the bachelors life really =P

Oh! And then there is also the fact that I am leaving for New York City in 6 months time in which I could be gone for up to a year.  So... yeah... now is not ideal.  Anyways moving on.

Am I nervous about the date?  Surprisingly not really.  As I said she is really cool, I feel really comfortable around her (to the point where it is hard to shut me up hehe).  In fact I am hoping she will end up as a good friend afterwards.

To be honest though, it has been quite a long time since I have been on a proper first date, the last not being since my long-term ex-girlfriend, which is going back quite a few years now.  I've definitely hung out with girls since then, but this time it is a proper: Dress nicely, drive round and pick her up at 8pm from her house, have a booking at a nice restaurant... then go... to... umm... I am not really sure where to go from there... haha!  Luckily I still have a few days to plan it all as it is only Tuesday at the moment.

Yeah... I'm smooth.

Let's see how it goes then I guess.


Jez said...

Well I hope the date went well! It's always awesome when you meet a girl you instantly click with. 6 months is a long time, so even if you aren't interested in a relationship yet, if you get closer to the girl, something may just end up happening that turns into something awesome!

I like to think I'm in the same boat as you, loving the bachelors life.... but really I think I'm more of a relationship person, the only problem is that I suck at finding girls that like me!

Out of Sync said...

Ha thanks brother, yeah it went surprisingly awesome, had a great night. I had already decided before I got there that I wasn't going to take it further so I kept my distance as to not send her mixed signals, but she took it well which was a relief haha.

Haha you are not alone on that boat I can assure you. The bachelors life is awesome, but yes I know what you mean.

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