15 September 2011

Happy Birthday lil sister!

The other day was my younger (and only) sister's 21st birthday.  But, I must be mistaken of course. My sister simply can't be 21 already. 

People who are 21 years old are... you know... grown up, and kind of... adult-like.  Hmm, however, I did see the number 21 on numerous birthday cards she was given, and I think the phrase 'the big 21st' was thrown around by a few guests... and I guess, if I do the maths, taking into account the year she was born... then that technically means that yes, she would be 21.

But... but... she isn't meant to be an adult already!

We've had the strangest of relationships.  When we were really young we used to spend a lot of time together, but then over our teenage years it turned into nothing short of all out civil war. Our house was a battlefield, our rooms our solitary fortresses, our weapons were our words (and sometimes flailing hands haha). 

And then, I don't know, about two years ago everything kind of changed all of a sudden.  She helped me during a tough time, I provided her with advice for her University and career choices, and before I knew it we were friends.  These days, and as cheesy as it may be to say, she is one of the coolest people I know and I thoroughly enjoy and am filled with a sense of pride when she comes to me for advice or assistance. 

In a way I kind of regret that we spent all those years as enemies, but I like to think I am making up for it from now on by trying to be the coolest, smartest and most reliable brother I can be.

I'm not sure if she reads this blog, but maybe she will.

All in all, life is moving very quickly, and nothing should be taken for granted because it might not be around forever.

Happy Birthday lil sis!


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