05 September 2011

Small update

Hi guys! It's Saturday night at the moment, 10.51pm to be exact. I was meant to be having a BBQ at my house with my friends, but those plans kind of fell through, alas here I am having an amazing time in my own company, listening to music, writing blog posts, and having a drink or two because I can.

The joys of being young, single and living out of home =)

 During the day I spent 3 hours researching for my New York City trip and managed to gather, decipher and organize quite a lot of useful information, particularly in regards to visa applications (which is quite a tricky subject I have found). If you head over to the New York City Trip page you will be able to see the latest of my planning and research. This page is which is where I keep all my preparations for the trip, it acts as for a central place for myself to be able to organize and retrieve any information whenever needed, and also for a reference where I sincerely hope that it could provide useful to others who may also have a big trip in mind.

Wow, I have such big hopes for this trip.  Maybe it is the influence of the drinks I have been having tonight, but I feel like I want to share this with you guys (and also, I guess, to share it with myself).  For quite a few years now I have basically lived with the following mantra in mind:

"I picture myself as a 30 year old (I am currently 23), I envision a BBQ, a gathering of friends, of friends of friends, of random strangers, having a good, casual time.  I meet new people, get introduced by people to other people.  Conversations flow, the usual pleasantries exchange "Hi, so nice to meet you, how do you know the host?".  As the night goes on, and the familiarity increases, talk turns to our personal lives.  Stories are told, memories of past times re-surface."

And it is at that precise moment, as the stories from the past are re-told to those who already know it, to those who were perhaps even there in the first place, to those who are new to the story, to all of the surrounding crowd.  This precise moment is what fuels my entire being, my mantra for life, my drive my for New York City trip, for my good grades at University, for my good job I have now, for my constant daydreaming of the future... 

I want to be able to look back, at 30, and be damn well proud, excited and reminiscent of the last decade of my life. For my stories to mean something, to stand out, to have no regrets that I didn't live anything but the absolute fullest life that I could have. At 23 years old I am pretty happy with life so far, I know when I go to parties I always have a story or two that grips a crowd and leaves them with an array of different reactions; howling with laughter, exasperation from shock, or even blank faces of amazement.  But these, I hope, are just the tip of the iceberg of what could be ahead of me!

Full-time work sucks the soul of out you, it truly does. This year is my first year ever of full time work, and I can already realize that this year (as it is already somehow September) I have done hardly anything memorable the entire year. Apparently, according to our society we have built, I have another 40 years ahead of me of full-time work until retirement... I cannot, will not, get into the habbit of working full time and letting life drift by.
This, to sum up, is why I am doing this New York City trip.  Hell, it may turn into a nightmare, a let down, a disaster, but I just have to try! As I said in just my last post (Who I want to be) I have already established clearly that I am struggling with my current 'career' choice.  I need to be bold, be brave, and put my full trust behind the belief that destiny will take care of me, that I won't be another face in the corporate slave machine, and that I can make a life for myself that I can be happy with, proud of.

Ha, I apologize, this honestly was meant to be just a quick, 10 minute update on my New York Trip planning progress. Instead, it has turned into an 1 hour divulge into my very deepest thoughts, no doubt brought to the light by the couple of drinks I indulged in earlier in the night.

I'll leave this post here, else I know I could ramble easily for another hour more. I hope others are living the life they have always envisioned, but if not, they are at least attempting to hold onto it for as long as they can.  

It truly is never too late to be who you have always wanted to be. 

Well, at least I hope not!


Hannah Marie said...

Wow when I turn 23 I envision myself to be along the same lines you are now. I find it amazing that you are making a huge leap from Australia to New York.

Things like this inspire me, and remind me (constantly) that I need to stop holding myself back :)

Out of Sync said...

Awesome to hear Hannah. I read all your posts, and it seems like you are well on your way to your own life adventure =) (The Rome pics looked real cool!).

Keep up the blogging!

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