04 February 2013

New York City - A month told through pictures

So with the latest big news being that I somehow managed to get a fulltime job here in New York City, and instead of returning back to Australia like I had planned to I am now staying in America for a few months more, it appears that there is still quite a lot more to blog about. It has been about a month since I took the job actually, which is perfect in the sense that it gives me a lot more time to explore the city.

Although with work taking up all my free time now I am terribly behind in my blogging. My solution? A month's worth of blogs bundled up into one single blog, told through pictures!

It is blogging for the lazy man really.


A lot of my time is taken up looking after these two! The small one is Lucky and the larger one is Quimby, they are Tammy's dogs, and they are a handful to say the least.
But... they are pretty cool I have to admit.
6th Avenue. Where I live.
I made some new friends at my new job, and one of them offered to take me around for the day.

This made me laugh

The tower being built is the new 'Freedom Tower' they are building in place of the World Trade Center buildings. It will apparently be the highest building in New York City once complete.
Wall St.
We boarded the Staten Island Ferry

To see some incredibly awesome views!
Christmas was in full swing and the streets were packed and very festive, it was awesome.
An ice ring at Bryant Park
I work right near the Hudson River, making it a great location to sit for lunch (if the weather permits!)
I love the tree lined streets
Bryant Park market

With my new work friend we hung out again late one night in the city. Regardless of the hour the city is always alive!

Me at Times Square
From inside Central Park looking out
Very cool indeed!
And we eventually arrived at the Guggenheim Museum! This has been a must-see for me for a while now.

And just before Christmas there was the annual 'SantaCon' which I had never heard of before but was glad to witness it first hand! It. Was. Hilarious! Scores of drunk people dressed up as Santa, hoping into taxi's, walking down the streets, it was awesome!
Turns out Rose was here! (Doctor Who reference)
Besides the pictures above I have been going out for drinks and dinner quite a bit with some new people I've met at my new job, so that's been pretty good. Another activity I really enjoy is to simply walk the streets around 11pm with no destination, to observe the buildings, the bustle of people and traffic, the hidden gems that you stumble across... it is cheesy to say but simply being here puts a smile on my face.

And... well that is about it really. I've been at my new job for about a month thus far, and I am really out to prove myself so believe it or not I have been doing some actual work! I've been arriving on time, and even staying late willingly! I know, I know, where is the real Aaron you ask? That doesn't sound like me at all...

Oh yeah! So a few posts ago I mentioned how I helped set up Tammy's friends gallery whom are mosaic artists. Well, they like me a lot now, and offered free lessons at their weekly workshops!

Behold my first mosaic attempt! If you look closely (or blur your vision greatly and use a lot of imagination) you can kind of make out the NYC skyline surrounding Central Park... well, that is what I was aiming for (loosely) anyway ha! The rest of the class loved it so that was cool.
Which is better? My mosaic attempt, or my pottery 'Cow Mug' I made a few months back! I am sure I could be a millionaire with this kind of talent hidden just under the surface.

The pictures above really are just the smallest taste of what my time here thus far has really been like, which could really fill a novel, but alas it shall suffice. I am not entirely sure how long I plan to stay in America for as it is now nearing my 11th month on this trip and I do really miss home. For now I will continue to work hard at my job, tick off as many 'must-see' places on my list, hopefully meet some cool new people, and just see where the road takes me.


Tom said...

Gratz on the job mate! Thank god the blog goes on! Looking forward to hearing more of New York.

Azz said...

Thanks mate! The adventure definitely continues =)

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