30 October 2010

The loop

It appears even in my rather frantic and neurotic state due to the stress that is writing an Honours thesis... I just can't bare to see my blog lay dormant.  Oh, also, this just occurred to me... I am sure everyone is sick of hearing about my Honours thesis by now ha! You know, my Honours thesis... as part of Honours for my University degree... that I have been doing since the start of the year... ok I will stop =P

Anyway in my sudden realization that the last few weeks has been dominated by talks of... you know what, in honesty it can't be helped.  I have my first official rough draft due this Tuesday, with the final published copy due by November 29.  That is not a lot of time at all.

Besides, I have always written this blog purely for myself (never in an attempt to gain followers), and I would like to document this journey to hopefully some day (in the relatively close future I would hope) be able to look back on this, and be proud of what I have accomplished.

Thus I would like to keep everyone (and myself) up to date.

With the typical me moment on Tuesday, resulting in (somehow) writing an awesome 1100 words on Wednesday, I started today (Saturday) with 4100 words in total. I had planned to spend the whole day with the objective of 500 words at minimum.... note to self: do not try and do Thesis work at my parents house.  There is just far too many distractions, food to eat, parents to argue with, lack of adequate work space... it has been a struggle just to sit down for 30 minutes without some kind of interuption. Sigh.

Oh well, I have another 2 hours before I have to head out (meeting a group of friends for dinner which should be awesome)... let's hope I can get that 500 words after all.


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