04 July 2012

I'm an idiot. Also, another week, another pub crawl

I am not the sharpest guy in the world at times. I somehow seem to... create situations that are not very favourable for myself. Or are just plain stupid.

So with travel being damn expensive and the fact that I have a 1-year Work Visa, I should probably be working by now. That isn't to say I haven't been trying to get a job! On the contrary I have sent dozens upon dozens of emails and handed out heaps of resume's... to no avail. Although it appears that subconsciously I don't truly want a job, because I seem to make blatant and crucial mistakes, frequently hindering my progress... one of which I only just discovered.

Back in April (we are now June...) I made a basic job cover letter, purposely making it rather generic to start out with so whenever I needed to write a new cover letter I would simply make a copy of this original one, change a few words and paragraphs here and there, and send it off, saving me the trouble of creating a brand new one each time I needed one. Little did I know that all this time there was a slight typo in the first word on the original copy... thus all consequent copies would of course also carry this same mistake:

"Dead Sir/Madam"

See the mistake? DEAD Sir/Madam? How does that go unnoticed for two months!? It kind of changes the tone and intent of the introduction of the job cover letter I would say.

I have no idea how many people I sent this out to.

This to be honest actually made me laugh quite hard. They wouldn't be able to tell if I am applying (poorly) for a job, or sending subtle death threats. Sigh... I worry about myself sometimes.

Another disappointing moment happened soon after. So, when my parents came to America for a holiday a few weeks ago I asked for them to bring me a few items over that would be useful that I had left at home. One in paticular was my suit jacket, in the hope that if I ever had a job interview I'd at least have one nice piece of clothing to wear.

Yeah... I kind of lost it... I think I forgot it in one of my hostel rooms.

It was a little worrying how long it took me to realize I had lost it. At least a week had passed until suddenly I was like "hang on... didn't I have a suit jacket with me?".

So now I am without a suit jacket, as well as establishing my name among the San Francisco employers as being a poor spell checker and/or possibly dangerous.

I am just not meant to have a job it appears.

But whatever, I am having too much fun to be thinking about jobs! Another Wednesday has rolled around and that means another pub crawl, sweet! With Phil now living across the bay in Berkeley, and Mitch staying with him for a while, they weren't going to join us, so it was just going to be Isabel and I. Fine by me. But then awesomely an old friend of Isabel's from her time spent volunteering at the nature parks a few months back, Anna, had just arrived in the city that day so she was to be joining us, cool. And just a few hours beforehand I made friends with a new guy in my hostel room, Mardy, who seemed cool so I invited him along, making a great group of four to go out for the night.

Yep, the night rocked!

Below are photos of us that were posted on the the pub crawl's Facebook page. You might be confused by some of our hand formations in the photos, the explanation being that there was a Paper-Scissors-Rock tournament on during the night. Ha! Unlike last week's pub crawl where we didn't care about the tournament one bit, this time we decided to join in the fun, and what fun it was!

Also... you might notice I am wearing one colour shirt but then a different one later on. Somewhere during the night I won a shirt ha!

Me winning the game with my well placed scissors!
Far out Isabel makes me laugh so much =)
Mardy, Me, Isabel (a Tequila shot down at this stage), random guy, Anna (also a Tequila shot down), random guy
Turns out I am pretty good at Paper-Scissors-Rock, and I made it to the final 4! I was pretty buzzed on beers by this stage however and was just having an absolute blast dancing stupidly with Mardy, Isabel and Anna, so I didn't pay much attention and ended up losing the semi-finals! Noooo!

It was a tough loss... but I think I survived the loss quite easily judging by the pictures of the rest of the night.

The final four! Ha Anna's smile makes me laugh. The douche with his tongue out won the tournament...
Then Isabel jumped in on the fun haha! Anna's face is priceless ha! What's with the douche who won the tourmanent's face?
Then it was time for everyone to jump in! What a great night!
Wow, great times! The club came to a close and kicked us out soon after. Luckily for us just across the road is a late night pizza shop... so. much. win!

Isabel was extremely tipsy by this stage (I think having her friend Anna here changed her drinking habits just slightly =P) and was off chatting to randoms, leaving Mardy and I to chat amongst ourselves. I'd only known Mardy for a few hours by that stage but he was actually really great company so that was cool, we got along extremely well. Perhaps I will see him around more from now on. He is also going to be sticking around San Francisco for a month or more too which is awesome because with him, plus Phil, that now makes two long term San Francisco friends =) Which is a big deal when traveling as most friends you make never stick around longer than three days...

So that was my second hostel pub crawl! A ridiculous amount of fun! And you can see why I am struggling to find a job =)

I wanted to save this picture for last because seriously, it is an awesome photo =)

An unexpected photo of me and Isabel laughing about who knows what =)


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