11 July 2012

Avoiding the world, looking for jobs

Our wine tour of Napa Valley yesterday was ridiculously amazing and really capped off an absolutely incredible week here in San Francisco, with Isabel being there for all the best moments. After all the fun I've had over the week with her however, it is time for her to leave. Sigh. She isn't going home just yet at least and will be instead traveling around America for a few weeks before returning back to San Francisco temporarily before flying back home to Portugal. Still, it sucks regardless. We hung out on her last day, having lunch with some friends of hers who were visiting the city, followed by a surprisingly fun time while doing laundry in the evening.

All too soon it was suddenly 5pm. I helped carry her bags to where the bus was to be picking her up, said my goodbyes, forgot all the stuff that I wanted to say like I always do when I say goodbye to people, wished her all the best, gave her a very big hug, and walked away.

And that was that. The days ahead already feeling darker.

I will see her again in a few weeks at least which is something to look forward to. Granted if I am to still be here by then, who knows? With Isabel now gone, and Phil and Mitch now across the bay i Berekely, it changes my position here in San Francisco somewhat.

It has been quite some time since I was last on my own actually, it somehow never ever seems to last long. When my parents left me (over a month ago now... wow, I've been here a month!) I traveled into downtown San Francisco and met Brendan and Andy within my first two days. Both of whom I ended up having a great few days with. Then amazingly the very night that Andy was to leave and I was to be alone again is when I met Vincent, and we all know how awesomely that turned out. Then almost like clockwork just as Vincent was about to leave is when I met Isabel, Phil and Mitch, resulting in one of the best weeks of my entire trip.

Three weeks of constant amazing company with irreplaceable memories and experiences. It truly was a whirlwind of adventure.

But with all those people now gone I am back to being on my own, spending my hours sitting on my laptop either in the confines of my room or at my day time hideaway; the Starbucks around the corner that has Wi-Fi. To, you know... look for jobs like I am meant to be doing. I know something will come up any moment, as it always seems to do almost magically this entire trip, but for now I am more than happy to just enjoy my own company.

I've mentioned this countless times before, although I think I summed it up best in this post here, but it truly has been, and always will be, the people I meet that make my time spent on this trip worthwhile. Kings Canyon, the Grand Canyon, atop the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, were all absolutely amazing places and an experience in their own right of course, yet it has always been because of the people around me that makes this trip so memorable. All the funny jokes, the great stories of peoples' interests and experiences in life, the rounds of beer at the pub, the exploring of city streets, and the countless other happenings that go on behind the scenes.

It wouldn't be so bad if I myself was on the move, but with me staying in the one place for so long (San Francisco for the time being) it makes it appear worse. A revolving door of people walking into your life, changing it, then walking out again as freely as the wind.

But with all that said I would like to say a big thank you to Isabel for becoming one of the greatest additions to my San Francisco adventure. I very much look forward to her return in a few weeks time, although I honestly have no idea what I will be doing or where I will be by then, or even if I will even still be in the city. I can't even tell you what I will be doing in three days time to be honest.

This trip is an adventure and is truly an experience of the unknown, and I must treat it as such.


Jas said...

Isn't it exciting, though? To have no idea what will happen or who you will meet? You will see her again. I know it! In the meantime, enjoy all of the insane personalities and awesome people you will run into. You will have such an arsenal of friends when you are finished that you won't know how to keep track of them all.

Azz said...

Haha well... it is extremely exciting but also insanely nerve wrecking at the same time! I meet these amazing people, and we have an unforgettable times together... and then they leave, and I worry that I will be on my own for a long time. Which never seems to happen (magically new people keep coming into my life just when I need them)... but you know, what if they don't! Haha!

Yes I will see her when she returns for sure, I very much look forward to it. And yes, you are right, I will simply try to relax and enjoy whatever comes my way =)

Thanks for commenting!

Azz said...

Oh, and I am following your own America trip very closely also =)

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