25 July 2012

20SB 2012 Blog Swap!

Another year means time for another annual 20 Something Bloggers Blog Swap event. Sweet. So last year was the first year I participated and it went well, with my swap partner having a great post ready for me to post up staying true to the topic which was Summer.

This year our topic was Favourite Childhood Summer Vacation and I am partnered with the very cool Isi over at Mommy Tech Diary.

So without further ado, I present her post below:


Hello Readers! My name is Isi from Mommy Tech Diary. I'm so excited to be part of the Blog Swap from 20sb and blog about my favorite summer vacation.

My favorite Summer Childhood was June 1994. I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. My parents, brother and I got our green card to come to the United States. All our family lived in New York. We were very excited. It was our first time on a plane. We finally got to visit Nueva York (New York in Spanish).

Cousins I never met lived in New York. We were staying until September so there was a lot to do. My uncle from my father’s side planned a trip for us to go to Bush Gardens in Virginia. The drive to Virginia was great with music and singing. We had our little karaoke sessions. Virginia Beach was nice but not as beautiful as the beaches in the Dominican Republic. Bush Gardens was great. We attended many shows and got on fun rides.

During this vacation I was able to learn more English. I was taking many English courses back home but I did not practice the conversation part enough. My cousins were very helpful and patient to teach me. I learned a lot about the differences Dominicans growing up in New York and Dominicans growing up in Dominican Republic

I loved my our trip New York. I was able to see family that either I never met or I have not seen in a while. would love to have a family tradition with the "new generation". Somewhere we could bring our kids and just make a tradition for us. Childhood Memories will never be forgotten no matter how old we get.


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