30 June 2012

Starbucks and Pool with Isabel

The day after the Jazz night with the new friends was tough! After my 4 hour nap in the hostel common room I walked the couple of blocks to my new hostel.

Reception lady after I checked in: "Ok you are all set, here is your key, you will be in a 4 - bed room"

No worries. Grabbed my stuff, went upstairs, open my door...

I cannot calculate the amount of win here!
... and find that she has mistakenly given me a key for a 2 - bed room, win to the max! Better yet was that no one else checked into the room, so I had it for myself for the night! It, was, magical. After 11 weeks of living in hostels you can imagine my joy.

The next morning this dream life was shattered as some idiot in the room next to mine decided to chat loudly on his phone, thus waking me up. Are you kidding me! I tried my best to fall back to sleep but he stayed on the phone for ages... sigh. I pick up my phone to check my emails, only to discover it is 12.30 in the afternoon! Ha! Ok, I guess the guy isn't such an idiot after all. I had slept for 11 straight hours, yikes.

Went to my usual haunt of Starbucks to enjoy their sandwiches and search for jobs (wow it is terribly boring). Not long after, Isabel found me which was a very welcomed surprise as it is always great to have company. We hung out there for a couple of hours at least (Isabel is planning the next stage of her America trip), then she needed a new jacket so we went out shopping. For hours. As girls do I guess. Normally I hate shopping but with the right company I can definitely enjoy myself. It was a great day.

Then that night, a legendary memory was formed.

So back at my new temporary hostel they have a pool table. Isabel came over and we played for a while, despite her consistent claims that 'she is terrible' at the game, Yeah... that was a lie, she was clearly pretty good! It was a lot of fun.

Isabel taking a shot
She makes me laugh so much. While playing she often times barely even looks where she is hitting and doesn't take her time whatsoever, at one point she was talking to me as she was about to take her shot, and I swear her eyes were looking at me and not at the table, yet she still manages to sink them ha!

Mitch came to join us soon after (he was present at the hostel pub crawl the other night) so that was awesome, he is a really great guy so we had a good time. Not long after we start chatting to a guy at the hostel, Sergio (Bolivia), thus teams were formed!

It was pretty intense as Mitch is competitive thus wanted to win, a challenge I welcomed. Isabel and I were a team and won the first two games. The third game however, we were not going well in the slightest. Mitch was on fire sinking them with ease, while Isabel and I just couldn't make anything happen. It reached the point where Mitch and Sergio were on the Black ball, and Isabel and I still had 6 balls on the table... embarrassing.

It was my turn to hit. Sunk one. Sunk another. Cool. Sunk another. Three in a row, nice. Sunk another! Four in a row, I was on fire! With only two balls of ours left, I was single-handedly going to win thise game! Mitch and Sergio were nervous! Haha this is amazing!... and then I missed the next shot...


I just couldn't believe to be 6 balls down, to sink 4 in a row in what was some of my best playing of the night, to come so close to winning, to simply fail at the pivotal moment... I was pretty annoyed with myself. The remaining two were easy shots too which made it even worse.

Sergio stepped up to the table to take his shot at the Black ball in a very ideal position to take out the game... Isabel didn't really care if we won or lose, but I felt bad for failing her like I did... although these fears of losing were baseless however for Sergio somehow missed sinking the Black! Oh we couldn't believe it! Sergio was kicking himself! Mitch was already mid-way through the air to high five Sergio when he saw the Black ball miss by mere millimeters! Isabel and mine hearts were elated with hope!

Can we still take the game?

I had complete trust in Isabel. She lined up for her shot. She sinks the first! This is intense. A few nervous seconds later... she had sunk the second! We were now on the Black ball! If she sinks this, we have come back from behind for an incredible win.

Mitch and Sergio were statues while waiting for the next shot. The Black ball wasn't in the best of positions, but we had seen her complete similar shots in the past. At the time I wasn't too bothered if we won, mainly because I was just happy to be having some great times with some great new friends... but to come back like we had a win would have been damn nice too! I looked at Isabel's face, you couldn't see any stress showing at all. Impressive. She contemplated her options, placed the cue on her resting hand, hit the White ball and away it went... to be right on target and sink the Black ball for the win! We'd done it!

Now that was some great fun =D

My favourite part wasn't the winning, I much more enjoyed the fact that it was a team effort. For me to fail only to have Isabel have my back. Which yes I know I am talking about a game of pool here ha... but you get my point.

The rest of the night was rounded out with a few more games of pool, then a 2 hour long conversation between Sergio, Isabel and I about where the world is going wrong, why, and what should be done about it. Interesting stuff.

And that was another day in San Francisco.


Jas said...

I can't wait to go to San Francisco! I'm trying to book some promotional work there so that I can have an excuse to go. So happy to see you adventuring about and having an awesome time!

Azz said...

Definitely do so! This place has by far been one of my favourite places on my entire trip. A month later and I am still not bored of it =D

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