06 June 2012

Kings Canyon and on the road to San Francisco!

What an amazing few days!

Yesterday my parents and I saw the Grand Canyon via plane at 6am, then by noon we had left Las Vegas and were on the road to a town called Bakersfield to stay the night, only to be up bright and early today for our epic drive to Kings Canyon National Park, then San Francisco!

Kings Canyon National Park = One of the best times on this entire trip!

It was early in the morning when we hit the road.

About 2 hours later we were starting to enter some noticeably more beautiful country side... must be getting close to Kings Canyon National Park!

Stopped on the way when we spotted this lake
Travel Buddy wanted in...
Then back on the road! Every minute the country side gets more impressive, the anticipation to enter the park was growing.

Up ahead looks cool, nearly there!

The entrance, we are there!
We're in! Wow, look at those mountains!
I will let the pictures do the talking once again.

Wow, the sights were simply breath taking, it was turning into a really memorable day! After our walk around it was time to hit the road once more, we still had a long way to go to San Francisco. One of the really awesome things about this park was that the road we entered in by was the South entrance, and you are able to drive straight through the park to come out the other side at the North entrance, allowing for a long drive of amazing views.

Finally we emerged from the park out the other side. It was the afternoon by this stage, we had spent most of the day at the park. The 4 hour drive to San Francisco was rather uneventful, I fell asleep for most of it, Dad drove, and Mum just sat quietly, daydreaming about washing and cooking or something. Oh and we got lost quite a few times, but that is to be expected when my family gets together.

By dusk we were nearing San Francisco.

Eventually reaching the Bay Bridge to take us over the bay and into the city!

Bay Bridge

San Francisco!
Wow, this place looked absolutely amazing already! It was night as we drove into the city, but what I could see was really clean streets lined with restaurants and people out and about, immediately filling me with a very positive vibe. Maybe this place is my calling all along! Although exploring and sightseeing would have to wait until the next morning, it had been a very long day and we were all eager to check into our hotel for some sleep.

And yes, a hotel, I get to avoid hostels for a few days more, sweet!

And that was our day. With Las Vegas over the last week, then the Grand Canyon and hitting the road yesterday, to a day spent at Kings Canyon National Park and more relaxing driving, I would have to say that this week has been pretty cool to say the least =)

Tomorrow we can hit the city.


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