07 August 2011

An award has been sent my way

Thanks to the very cool Eleni over at RPG Called Life, she has graciously (although perhaps mistakenly ha), decided to pass on the extremely prestigious 'Blog on Fire Award' on to me (and 6 others)! Woo! The stardom is a blaze in my eyes!

Now apparently on accepting such an honour, according to the committee who oversees the handling of this award of course, I must pass this on to seven worthy bloggers of my choice, as well as divulge seven previously unknown random facts about myself.  I think I can manage that.

1. Since moving out of home two years ago, I have lived in 3 separate houses, each with their own set of crazy housemates. 

2. My two best friends are named Sabrina and Jason.

3. Being inside museums really freaks me out.  No I am not kidding.  Something about the combination of empty halls with the hardwood floors that greatly enhances the echoed clicks of high-heeled shoes, the paintings and statues that are so well created that the eyes looks like they could blink and turn their gaze on you at any moment, and the strange fact that the air always seems to carry a chilling, cold presence that stays with you where ever you go, creates a very intimidating experience for my wild imagination.

4. I have broken over 10 bones in my 23 years of life.  I was a bit of a wild one when I was younger, constantly out riding my bike, trekking through bush land, playing sports, getting up to whatever mischief and adventure I could find.  A few of them were just fingers and toes, but then there have also both arms, my left knee and my left ankle.  Ha!

5. The environment and the management of Earth's resources is a huge passion of mine.  I hate so much that, as a species, we are so blase' in the way we treat the materials and resources we use in our every day life that we are happy to discard at a moments notice.  Take for instance plastic bags from the supermarket.  Here is an item that is produced from materials, toxic chemicals, and shipped in the multitude of billions all around the world using tonnes and tonnes of natural resources, only then to be used for about 10 minutes by people who are too lazy to carry their 5 grocery items from the store to their car, to be then thrown straight into the bin when they get home to end up in landfill!

6. I have a huge fixation (some would say obsession) for Emma Watson.  She is just so gorgeous!

7. I originally started blogging as an output to help get over a terrible break-up. It has now grown to become quite a passion of mine, something I hope to continue for many years to come.  My most favourite aspect is not the writing of my own posts, or gaining followers, or watching my page view stats, but in fact is when I am lucky to find a cool new blogger to follow, and getting that little bump of excitement when I see they have posted something new.

I would now like to pass this award to 7 of my very favourite bloggers:

Jez of Intrepid Boy
S. Love of S. Love
Didactic Pirate of The Didactic Pirate
Sue of Bay Bee Tea
Jason of Out-Numbered


mattvstherealworld said...

I am absolutely honored that'd you name my internet ramblings as an award recipient! I will soon pass on the love.



Out of Sync said...

You are very welcome Matt =)

Sue Lin said...

Thanks for the award! =) Surprised to receive it.

U broke 10bones?!?!? CRap! Both Arms? Shit!! I've never broken anything and dont intend to break anything! I was extremely cautious when snowboarding! Everytime i thought i was going too fast i'll fall on purpose. My friends were stacking but not me! Too cautious, all i have is one tiny bruise on my right knee

Out of Sync said...

Haha, it wasn't 10 all at once, that is over the course of my lifetime. Haha it is good that you haven't broken any, that means you are looking after yourself... although maybe taking a little more risk every now and again couldn't hurt =P Your snowboarding trip looked way cool!

Thanks for stopping by =)

Sue Lin said...

Still 10 in a lifetime is freaking alot! Other than painful how does a broken bone feel like?

Have u been snowboarding before??? I kind strained my knees cuz i always tried to go slow... Thanks for the blogger award =)

Out of Sync said...

They all feel different, some hurt a LOT, others are just a numb ache. But they all heal so it is just another life experience =)

No I haven't been snowboarding before sadly =( It looks like HEAPS of fun, I think I might go add it to my 'Life List' right now.

I am about to go read your 'Snowboarding part 2' post right now =)

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