17 August 2011

20SB 2011 Blog Swap!

The time has come for the 20 Something Bloggers annual Blog Swap event, and this year I finally got moving and got involved, sweet!  The idea is to sign your blog up to be partnered with someone completely at random, to then each swap one post on a particular topic decided upon the 20SB people.

This years topic was Summer and I have been partnered up with the very lovely Mila from Free Bird Train, so definitely check her blog out!  Below is Mila's post on the experiences of life during summer, enjoy =)


Hi! I'm Mila from Free Bird Train.
Having a baby has changed my summer to a crazy degree. Last year, my husband and I took a spontaneous trip to New Orleans and when we came back we were absolutely broke, but I loved the adventure.  This year my adventure has mostly been diaper changes and bottles, but I think I actually love it even more.

Here are 10 new things I did/learned this summer:
1. You can still be fun as a new parent.
 I thought when we had our baby we would be boring. But we're not! Okay, only sometimes :)
It's just nice to know that we can still go out as a couple or a family and still have lots of fun.

2. Weddings are beautiful
This summer, I went to my first wedding (unless you call a Vegas drive-thru a wedding?) and it was beautiful. My brother and his wife even graced me with the privilege of being a bridesmaid. 
Too fun.

3. Clean space equals a clean mind
Keeping the house clean has really helped me have a clear mind so I'm able to be creative and productive. Hopefully I can keep it up through the school year.

4. Half-priced frappuccinos are evil.
Starbucks is evil in general, creating delish drinks that have a million calories, but when they decided to take their frapps down to half price, I nearly died. We ended up getting one frapp everyday that week. Terrible, I know.
5. Cooking really is the way to a mans heart.

I've been trying out new recipes over summer and my husband just can't get enough of my home cooked meals. Best way to put a smile on his face and fill his stomach at the same time :) 

6.Reality T.V. is sad, yet addicting. 
I hate reality t.v. but I can't resist. 
It's terrible.

7. Taking photos are fun

Just learning how to use a camera to take better photos. 
8. Going back to school is a good thing.
In order to give my babes the best life possible, I have to be the best me possible and show him by example the importance of school.
9. The beach is the most relaxing place in the world.

Enough said.
10. Love conquers all.
Love has been the most important thing this summer, as cheesy as it sounds. I have so much love for my husband, my baby, my mommy, brothers, my new sister and all my amazing friends.

Thanks for letting me share my summer fun.


Sherms said...

Have I asked you before about your wedding? I would love to see pics.
It's great that you're headed back to school, are you in the middle or just starting your course and of course, what do you plan to do?
I didn't really enjoy this summer, missing the husband and gaining so much weight. I'm hoping that next summer will be better. Great guest post! xx


Out of Sync said...

I am glad you enjoyed this guest post by Mila, but I doubt she will see this comment so if you wanted answers to those questions, I think you would need to post them on her blog instead lol.

Thanks for stopping by however =)

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