30 July 2011

New York City trip updated

So, we are now the end of July, and I am still rather behind in the planning for my New York City trip.  Yikes!  This sounds scarily familiar on how writing my Masters thesis went last year, ha!

The page marked 'New York City trip' will now be my central hub for all things trip related.  I am hoping it will act both as a place where I can store all my researched knowledge, keep everything organized, keep me moving, as well as be a place where others could hopefully learn from my experiences, research, mistakes and thoughts on what it takes to live abroad on your own, with no job or accommodation lined up.

I will update it as often as new information arrives, or if anything changes.  Thus far I am aiming for a March departure so I expect it to get rather hectic from here onwards!

And, of course, I always love to hear from you guys, so if anyone has some tips for me, please send them!  I need all the help i can get ha =)


Eleni said...

I've been to New York City a number of times, and I have some friends who live there now, but I still don't know much about it. Restaurants and apartments are expensive, don't bother with a car--just take the metro, and don't walk through Central Park at night... That's all I got. Most of what I know about living in NYC is through How I Met Your Mother, and they probably go to a lot of fake places. Do you have a preference for which part of the city you'd like to live? Manhattan? Brooklyn?

I gave you a blog award! http://rpgcalledlife.blogspot.com/2011/07/blog-on-fire-award.html But don't feel obligated to do anything for it, I won't be offended :)

Out of Sync said...

Most of my knowledge of NY life is also gleamed from How I Met Your Mother ha. Appreciate the tips! And definitely Manhattan, hopefully get an apartment as close to the center of the city as possible. Come visit when I'm there haha!

Oh cool! I will gladly and honourably accept and incorporate it =D

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