11 June 2011

Tattoo auditions commence!

 Update:  I finally went and got this tattoo done!

Every year, usually as summer is approaching, my best mate Jason and I every year without fail start a random conversation with "Duuuuude! We should totally get tattoos!".  Much praise and enthusiasm is had by all, followed by a chink of our beer glasses to celebrate our latest brilliant scheme with the next hour dedicated to brainstorming tattoo designs, locking in 'deadlines' of when this needs to be happen by, and who else we can get involved.

This has been going on for about... hmm, 5 years now... ha!

This year is different however.  With my plans to move to New York City next year I definitely want to leave my country with some more individuality and uniqueness before I get swept away and hidden in the huge sea of people I'll be interacting with in my travels. Alas, it is this year or never.

The problem however is I am notorious for being highly indecisive... 

One time, when I was about 17, I went to buy a Nintendo DS. Easy, right? Ha, as if! You can't simply just go and buy a Nintendo DS just like that you know... because there is the life-depending choice of what colour DS to buy! Hmm, ok, so, my choices are either the black one, or the white one... I think I'll take the white one, it looks pretty cool. Actually scratch that, the black is way cooler! Ok done, the black one it is.  Hmm, hang on, let's have a look at that white one again. Damn, the white one is definitely cooler! Ok done! Let's go quick before I change my mi... on second thoughts, black it is! Damn this is too hard, let's call a friend... "Dude, I need help, I'm here at the store, they are about to close, and I can't decide what colour DS to buy!"

Literally 25 minutes later I finally walked out with the black one. True story.

If I have such a hard time deciding what colour my Nintendo DS should be... how am I meant to decide upon a permanent tattoo!  Well I think the mantra I am going with to force myself to get one is basically 'just go with it'.  What's the worst that can happen? It is highly unlikely I'd end up regretting it to the point that I hate it... right?

Anyways, thus far my most favoured design in mind is text on my left forearm that says "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything", with a crude recreation in blue pen to put it better in perspective as below:

With the font, size and style of the design I think I'd like to aim for to be something akin to:

Image courtesy of one of my favourite bloggers, Oxford Interior Design
I never do anything unless I have meaning behind it, so the design I'd choose for a tattoo certainly is no exception.  The phrase is actually from the movie Sucker Punch, and whilst my affection to use the phrase as a tattoo has nothing to do with my love or hate of the movie (side note: it rocked!), I just remember as soon as I heard it it really hit me hard, leaving me frozen in a bit of a inner 'woah' moment.

So yes, I believe that this phrase basically puts into words how I already live, the philosophy of how I believe life should be lived, and how I'd assume I will continue to live by for perhaps the rest of my days.

Thoughts, opinions, feedback fellow bloggers? I'd highly appreciate them, even if they are negative to my idea.  Seriously =)


S. Love said...

I love tattoos. Simply love them. I have 5 of my own and still want more. People are consistently asking me what they should get and where to get it but I can't really say anything because it truly depends on the person and what is important to them. I always say to just get something that means a lot to you. And since you've already done that, I say go for it. I know quite a few people who have script tattooed on their forearms and it always turns out looking fantastic. :]

Also, I love that quote as well. Good choice! :D

Out of Sync said...

I have seen your tattoos S. Love and thought they rocked =) And yes you are completely right that it is a personal thing, I HATE people who get tattoos simply because the design 'looked cool'... they end up with a tiger on one arm, a dragon on the other, and some cheesy chinese symbols down their back, with the end result being just random crap with no purpose nor meaning haha.

I'll dwell on this design idea for quite some time to come I think.

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