21 June 2011

Goal complete: I Sang Karaoke

I was out with a group of friends at my favourite bar the other week, on a night that just happened to be karaoke night.  "Ha, look at those fools", I remember saying to my mates whilst laughing at the middle-aged balding man who was currently on stage singing a very monotone reenactment of an obvious favourite of his, a Bruce Springfield song. Mind you, this was early on in the night when I was a lot less... influenced by alcohol.

Fast forward a few hours and everything looks a hell of a lot more fun, including karaoke...

"Dude, dude, duuuude... let's sing karaoke!"

"Dude I am not singing karaoke. No freakin' way!" my best mate Jason retorts.

"Pfft, chicken, come on who is going to care how bad we are?" is my very persuasive rebuttal.

"I will care!"

He seemed diligent.

I sign our names up when his back is turned. My choice of song... 'Untouched - by the Veronicas'.  No I don't know why... and for two blokes in their young 20's, it was quite an interesting sing ha!  Just when Jason thought he had gotten away with it, the karaoke host announced it was time.  The look on Jason's face was hilarious!

"Wh-what! I... how? When did you sign us up!? I'm not doing it!"

I gladly run up on stage, and tell the joyous announcer to give Jason some motivating words to get him up on stage also.

"Jason? Jason! Jason, don't be a wuss.  Everyone, if you can please turn your attention to the man at the back of the room, trying to hide behind the wall"

Ha, brilliant!  That worked of course.

And away we were! Singing away! Kind of... ok we didn't go very well. Actually in honesty we were quite terrible. I had a beer in my hand whilst on stage, I think I spent most of the time drinking in between choruses, the words were going too far fast to keep up with so a lot of the time was just silence or mumbles, and I am pretty sure half way through someone shouted out "gay!".

But, you know, to hell to you people sitting on the sidelines!

I had actually forgotten that 'Sing karaoke' was on my Life List, so as an added bonus I can mark another task off the list.  Win all round.

Living life to the fullest =)


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