07 May 2011

My week

This week, was rather incredible.  It was an ordinary week, although not quite.  I went to work Monday to Friday, played my video games, watched my favourite TV series (currently it is The Big Bang Theory), did my exercise, and spent many a hour researching about my planned world travel.

At this very moment, it is Friday midnight.  I am watching a movie with my awesome housemate Matti on this particularly cold winter's night, in my newest rental home since moving out of my parents house some time ago.  Snuggled under a blanket, bowl of chips by my side and a pillow under my head. And as this week comes to its end, I am a happier man than I remember.

This week, out of the 7 days since now, I ate dinner at my home only once, and that was with the company with 2 friends who came to visit.  The remaining nights were spent out and about with a highly varied array of friends.  Some old, most of them new.  I spoke with confidence, I laughed, made people laugh. I met quite a few new people for the first time and made some great first impressions. It really was a great time all round.

The week start out ordinary, I spent my first night playing Nintendo 64 with my housemate.  The following days I could not have predicted.  And whilst spending 7 consecutive nights out and about having dinner with various friends and acquaintances isn't particularly note worthy (let alone blog worthy), it signifies quite a lot to me when analyzed.

This week was the first time in a far too long of a time where I actually felt like I should feel; 22 years old, single, male, living out of home with all the freedom in the world.  This week, I lived like I should be living.  Something I don't think I have truly done until now. It was so much fun.

It was a true eye opener.

It is funny because as you constantly self assess yourself, or well at least that's what I do, you seem to reach... 'milestones' where you think to yourself 'hmm, I just might be finally getting a knack on this thing called life'.  And just when you think you have figured out as much as you need to know at the time, there is always another lesson to learn that comes when you least expect it.

I will learn from this, grow from this, and use this, as such should all.

I am excited for the future =)


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