31 May 2011

My small hiatus

I miss blogging, I miss you bloggers, I miss the blogosphere.  Honestly, I do, so don't stress, you have not been abandoned nor forgotten!  So the reason for the disappearance? I'll be honest, I'm lazy ha. 

I don't know really, as always my mind is in its usual disarray... although the last few weeks has been in more confusion then usual.  Every few days I get the urge to ramble on this blog, a desperate attempt to unravel what it is that is plaguing my mind.  And while none of my thoughts are of concern, its more the problem that there is too many of them!  But alas, I withheld my urge to ramble, as for the first time my little blog of mine actually has somewhat of a 'follower base' (something that fills me with such joy) thus I am actually more conscious of my post contents =)

So not to fear, there are some headlining topics soon to come! A sneak peak of the topics:
- Global warming as it is a huge passion of mine
- My ongoing battle to decide upon a tattoo idea
- Attempting to knock off some of my life lists
- A further attempt to unravel, sort and catalog my thoughts

Woah, some amazing weeks ahead! Ha...

Hope everyone is going well, keep blogging because I read each and every post.


Sue Lin said...

Go get the tattoo!!! =) I've gotten mine and no regrets =)

Out of Sync said...

I am staring at my arm where I have drawn with a pen my current favourite tattoo design as we speak. Could be soon! Although equally as likely is I'll change my mind about it lol.

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