27 April 2011

Oh yeah, did I mention I graduated?

All this buzz about full time work, planning for big trips, forever thinking forward, and I forget the milestones that are happening right now.

The year before last I graduated from University, then went back for an extra year to complete an Honours* degree within my field.  Well after successfully completing my thesis, it being submitted for approval and consequent grading, I have finally officially graduated from my degree with a Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours). Yay!

It. Was. Hard.

But worth it? Totally.

I documented the entire thing as it went, under the label Honours Study, something I am extremely grateful and glad that I did now that it is all well and truly over.  I am such an active person (and as evidence shows, a bit of a dreamer) that I often forget or even struggle to remember what I have already accomplished. It all becomes a bit of a blur, a distant memory that often feels like it happened to someone else.

After briefly browsing over the entries there was an overall theme that could be extracted out of just about every one of them: a sense of impeding doom. Hilarious. Which for those who know me that pretty much sums me up. Often stressing over nothing, forever 'carrying the world upon ones shoulder' in a constant epic battle against the 'evil universe that is out to get me'.  Well, that is at least what it feels like from time to time, especially when I remember times like this where I declared myself to be "officially doomed" ha!

Overly dramatic, or cool and collected? You decide.

I can't really sum up my final year of University, well within a single post that is, because to be honest there is just too much to say.  How does one sum up one of the most challenging, toughest yet rewarding achievements of their life?

I guess, you can't.

What you can do however is accept it, feel proud, cherish and learn from the memory for ever after, and as you shut that door forever you can feel better prepared to step through the next one, where ever that may lead.

*An 'Honours' degree is the equivalent to a 'Masters' degree.


mattvstherealworld said...


(and also, Manchester Orchestra = the rocks).


Out of Sync said...

Thanks Matt, much appreciated =)

And yes, I second that greatly!

Sharon Longworth said...

Congratulations - really glad it was worth all the hard work and here's to the next step of life's big adventure!

Out of Sync said...

Wow thanks Sharon, very kind words =)

Hannah Marie said...

Wow, Congragulations!! that must have been a lot of hard work, but I believe you will be benefited greatly!

Out of Sync said...

Thanks Hannah, much appreciated =D

Sue Lin said...

Congratulations! =) I've heard that honours degree is more valuable than a masters degree =P

I have neither. Hehe

Out of Sync said...

Thanks Sue =D I have not heard that, but let's hope so. And hey, you are still very young, there is always still time ;)

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