04 April 2011

The central Manhatten dream?

My best friend stumbled across this great little video of a woman who lives in the heart of New York City.  In the video she shows off and gives a tour of her apartment unit... all 90-square-feet of it. Ha!  For those who need reference point to get an image of how big 90-square-feet is, I would guess it wouldn't be much bigger then a bus.

Living in a 90-square-foot apartment: $700/month

She is very positive and upbeat about her situation however, claiming she enjoys the 'cosy' feeling that the apartment brings, to which I would wonder if that's actually debatable ha. Although in the video she does have quite a lot of possessions, which is definitely one area in which I would have the upper hand... by not having any possessions... so ha, take that New York!

As long as there is a comfortable space for a desk and my laptop, I will be happy =)

Although I will admit, seeing insight into how a real life New Yorker lives did rattle my nerves for a second, as once again I was hit with a wave of realization of what's to come. It's the wave that says 'you, yes you there, sitting in your comfortable chair at your familiar work place, being only a quick drive from friends and a phone call away from family, you will soon instead be a grueling 20 hour flight away from that place you call home'.

But hey, if everyone backed out because they were scared, then no one would get anywhere.


Sue Lin said...

Hie! Are you heading to New York? To study? Work??? Thanks for following my blog, i'd like to know more about u =)

Out of Sync said...

Hi Sue! Hehe yep, that's the plan, hopefully leaving early next year. Going for holiday/to work I guess.

Will be blogging about my progress the whole way, just follow the posts tagged 'New York' =)

I was happy to follow your blog, I gather you have come from overseas to now live in Australia, so it will be great to read about how you went about it! I look forward to follow how your new life goes =)

Sue Lin said...

Oh wowww! Have u got a job lined up for New York or is it one of those holiday makers program??? =) I'll be back to read on your New York series, hehe

Thanks again! I'll follow yours too =) Were u born in Aust?

Out of Sync said...

No job lined up, nor a holiday program... yep lol. Will be saving all my money this year, and hopefully can get some work when I get there.

Yep born in Australia =)

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