11 September 2013

On behalf of Australia, we're deeply sorry

On behalf of Australia, I just wanted to apologize for what an idiot our new Prime Minister is... the whole world will suffer as a result.
  • A huge step-backwards in Australia's plan to reduce their carbon footprint and thus reduce its affects on Global Warming. It is one thing for an idiot Prime Minister to affect their own country... but they had to punish the whole World for their stupidity too?

  • A massive cut to the already-in-development new National Broadband Network, reducing its theoretical 100Mb connection speed once fully implemented nation-wide down to only 25Mb, in an effort to 'be more affordable'. Yeah, there is a reason the new planned network would be more affordable... because it is vastly inferior, and will cost drastically more in the future when it will inevitably need to be upgraded yet again. Do we not want international collaborations in the future?

  • Massive cuts in many research projects around the country... because, like above, why would we want our scientists and researchers to contribute on a global scale? 
The list goes on. His name is Tony Abbott by the way. If you Google him you'll find some hilarious memes and jokes about him. There's that at least.

I apologize everybody. Please join us while we hang in there over these next few years of hardship...

Update: It just keeps getting worse I'm afraid. The new government have just appointed who is to be the ministers for their parliament cabinet. Here is a list of what positions NO LONGER EXIST:
  • No Youth Ministry
  • No Early Childhood Ministry
  • No Science Ministry
  • No Climate Change Ministry
  • No Disability Ministry
  • No Aged Care Ministry
  • No Workplace Relations Ministry 
Come on! NO SCIENCE MINISTRY? What the hell? Not to mention Climate Change! It doesn't matter if he personally doesn't believe in it, he shouldn't be eliminating even the choice for debate. Here is a quote that just depressed me further:

"Minister for Science was formed in 1928 in Australia and except for a few weeks during WWII has been in effect ever since. Until now."

This new Prime Minister is an absolute idiot... he has his own personal beliefs (climate change skeptic, religious beliefs etc) and is pressing them onto the rest of the country.



Tania said...

Ugh, I sympathise! When our PM, Stephen Harper, got his first majority leadership, you know what he did? He tried to re-open "the debate on gay marriage" after Canada had legalised it for around 5 years. Thank god he let his MPs vote on their conscience and the motion didn't pass.

He's also removed Canada's contribution to the Kyoto Protocol, spend huge amounts of money on military planes and new prisons, tried to allow his MPs to define a fetus as a person deserving of rights...

So basically, Canada and Australia are probably going to be great friends (even more?). Harper and Abbott are like peas in a pod.

Our countries used to be so cool and then we let our old people vote and forget to insist the young people do, too.

Risha said...

Also huge budgetary cuts in AusAid are likely. =/
He's a misogynistic arse to boot. :(

You can sail a boat to Malaysia and hang out, if you'd like. (irony intended) :)


Azz said...

Tania - Awww that sounds awful. What is wrong with these people? They seem completely detached from the real world. Removing contribution to the Kyoto Protocol? Improving on military and prisons? Sigh...

I wish you the very best. And yes, they were so cool! And I am blaming our predicaments on the old people also.

Risha - Oh wow, didn't know about the AusAid too. Far out. What is going on in the world!? Ha! Nice joke, very clever.

Sue Lin said...

Ummm I'm from Malaysia,

Anyway, how are u Azz? Are you still in the states or came back in time to vote?

Azz said...

Hey Sue! Nice to hear from you again. I am definitely back in Australia, returned back in February actually... and already miss travel :( I'll email you shortly!

Sue Lin said...

Whoa!!! Has it been that long already? If you didn't tell me i'd think u are still overseas! Feels like two weeks ago where I read about u crashing the... red carpet event or whatever it was!

Azz said...

Ha, yep, it's been that long. You live such a busy and fullfilling life that time just flies past you :P

Haha yes I believe you are referring to when I accidentally attended a movie premier when in LA (http://www.reminiscingis.com/2012/04/great-surprise-in-downtown-la.html).

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