21 September 2013

Bon voyage beginner French lessons!

10 weeks ago I started a weekly French class just for the fun of it, with tonight being the last class :(

Until the next term starts at least!.. but that isn't until February.

The classes were such a blast. The teacher was amazing (oh man am I a sucker for a French accent), the other classmates were really cool, and seeing as how the last few months have been so chaotic and challenging (with work and injuries) it is indescribable how good it was to have at least one constant in my life. To every Wednesday night drive to the French class where I had two hours of just 'me' time. No outside worries what so ever, just the simple joy you get from learning something new in life, and having fun people to do it with.


For our last class tonight our teacher amazingly organized for us to have a French wine and cheese tasting, sweet. It was initially meant to be a way for us to playfully practice a bunch of new words and phrases we had just learned, but we got side tracked and just drank wine and ate cheese and chatted for an hour instead. No complaints there!

Every year I try about one or two completely new activities (eg swing dancing, indoor soccer, yoga), but I think the French classes have been one of my favourite yet :)

Oh and better yet, we got a certificate to top it all off! I know it is just the very beginners course (A1 level), but... you know, it is kind of nice to get something official to remember it by.

Here's for A2 level beginner class next year!

Au bientot!


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