26 August 2013

It might be time to move house

Not to be a downer guys, but this year just does not like me very much at all. Upon returning home from my 1 year backpacking trip in March, I had a few basic goals in mind for how I would like to spend this year:

- Work hard so I can remain a freelancer full-time
- Get more classes to teach for this semester at the University I sometimes teach at
- Travel again
- Get a girlfriend
- Move out of my parents house again
- Improve on my French and swing dance skills

Reading a previous post that I wrote back in May, it appears that all these dreams were coming along extremely well. Clients wanting my freelance services were flying in, I had classes to teach at the University (something I love doing), I was getting close with one of my old crushes... whom I was planning on confessing my feelings to, and I had just moved out of my parents house within a month of returning to Australia to a house that seemed fantastic.

Oh, and I started French lessons, so that was fun too.

All in all, things were looking up.

Fast forward a few months, and... well things are a little different. I haven't had paying work from any freelance clients for over a month now, and I missed out on any teaching opportunities at the University for this semester, so with a lack of cash flow I doubt I'll be traveling anytime soon either. The girl I had a crush on declined my advances, and now we aren't even speaking anymore. I've injured my knee quite badly, so I can no longer swing dance. And now... to top it all off, I am starting to really despise the house and the housemates that I live with, and am thinking I want to move out.

My housemates boyfriend stays at our house literally 6 days a week... sigh. Doesn't pay rent, hardly pays bills, or for any of the house needs really, nor even does some household chores... it's driving me insane. Then the other housemate is basically an ass, so that's fun. Sigh.

So, that's where I am currently at. At least the French lessons are still fun...

I really need some freelance work to pick up again. I'm not giving up hope on these dreams just yet... but I am starting to feel like just the tiny bit a failure of late. Am I planning too much, and need to go with the flow more? Perhaps. But, you know, I thought there was nothing wrong with setting yourself goals and working to achieve them, no?

It just feels that for every one step of progress I make, I'm stumbling backwards 3 steps more.

Either way, I'd really enjoy a win right about now...


Tania said...

Oh my god, I get the roommate's boyfriend thing. My last roommate's girlfriend was at our house EVERY NIGHT AND DAY. She left our house for work, she came to our house after work, she ate, showered, and destroyed my dishes at our house. For three months. THREE MONTHS. She was literally living there, not just basically living there.

It was really incredibly annoying.

Tom said...

As Gandhi once said, "glory lies in the attempt to reach one's goal and not in reaching it."

Enjoy the struggle mate, you'll look back at what you went through as opposed to what you got.

Alternatively, maybe something new? Be a 'yes' man for a month...

Azz said...

Tania - Good to know that I am definitely in the right with these feelings of annoyance here. I can barely even say hello to them anymore due to how annoyed I am.

Tom - Ha, boom, a quote from Gandhi, that's heavy! :P But yeah, you are right. Dreams aren't meant to be easily achieved now are they? If they were, then they clearly weren't big enough in the first place :)

Tom said...

I was pretty impressed with my Gandhi quote :) hah

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