27 July 2013

French class

Every year I like to try completely new activities than what I did the previous year. Chances are that I never stick with the activity for more than a year, where I never really master the new skill, but it is the variety and experience that I am really after.

Last year I was traveling, the year before that was swing dance and yoga, and the year before that was indoor soccer and... whatever else. This year I've decided to take French lessons!

I've done a fair amount of travel so far, and one thing that always strikes me the most is when I meet foreigners whom are bilingual, whom often times have a native language such as French, German or whatever, but then are also able to communicate with me, an English only speaker, in good enough (or sometimes even absolutely perfect) English. It is one thing I really envied of them.

So, why French? No idea really. I don't really have any desire to live in France anytime soon, nor is it likely I will make it to Europe anytime soon for that matter. The language I would most like to learn is Mandarin as I have a strong desire (and possibly plans) to live in Taiwan or China sometime soon... but I am just not disciplined enough to master a language as hard as that to be honest. My second choice for a language to learn would be Japanese, as that is another country that I would love to spend some time in some day... but again, I just don't think I could put my mind to it as much as I would need to.

So, French was my top choice of the 'easier' languages to learn.

I had my first class last week, and it was actually really great. There is only like 5 of us in the class so that's cool, and the teacher seemed great. It is a 10 week course so... will see how we go!

This probably made for a boring post, but I have a backlog of things to write about, as I do like to use this blog as a bit of a diary as to what I've been up to. And who knows, perhaps in a year or two I've actually stuck with learning the language and I have gotten quite far with it all, and I will be able to look back at this very post and reminisce on the exact point in time where it all began =)

Or perhaps I'll make it to France much sooner than I think!


Risha said...

I speak three languages (including English) [more or less] fluently, and I've always wanted to be better at the random smatterings of languages I speak.. I've never been brave enough for a class (save German- which I find easier than French.. much closer to English) and I find it's true for most things I 'want' to do- swing dancing, capoeira .. you name it. I suppose I'm afraid of failure more than I am afraid of not knowing or giving myself a chance to learn.

I think it's inspiring to push past all of that- the, 'what use is it' & etc to actually doing something, giving yourself the experience.


Tom said...

I used to speak comfortably German, French and Latin (as well as English). Unfortunately, I have been pretty lazy for a few years and I've lost most of my ability to speak as a native (within reason). I'd love to get my claws back in to French again, love the language, love the way it sounds, and love the country!

Oh also dude, great catching up on your life (blog) - been a while! Hope things are well?

Azz said...

You two are the exact kind of people that I was envious of while traveling in the first place =P

Thanks guys :)

Azz said...

Oh and, way awesome to have to back Tom!

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