10 May 2013

The dream

Get more classes to teach for next semester at my University.

Reach the point with my freelance programming where I have enough clients to support myself full time.

Never work a 9 - 5 job, or a job that I hate, for the entire year.

Build a website for myself, highlighting my work portfolio and travel adventures.

Travel again.

Get that girl.


Tania said...

It's funny how different people can be. I would absolutely love a 9-5 job. Steady, reliable, you have your evenings free and your weekends off... I want that!

Azz said...

Sure, it has its benefits, but when I wake up on a Monday morning, and know exactly how the next five days are going to pan out (when I have a 9 - 5 job that is)... then, things get depressing.

Bring on the flexibility to work whenever I want and on what I want for sure!

Tom said...

Live it up my friend. You only get one go!

Azz said...


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