14 January 2013

New York City - Outing with friends

Went to a place called the Cloister Museum today... with friends! The friends part is significant in the sense that when traveling solo, being out with the equivalent of friends is always a highly welcomed opportunity.

Today I was out with a friend and his girlfriend whom I originally met all the way back in April during my time in Los Angeles. We had an awesome day, and it started off with a new first for me... eating from one of the many food trucks that are scattered along the sidewalks on practically every corner of this city. I had always assumed that they must be safe to eat from as I see people eating from them all the time... although I was still hesitant. My friend (his name is Cole) and his girlfriend (Allie) insisted that they are awesome, I gave it a go... and it was awesome! $5 for a huge box of rice, chicken and salad... I am now a fan.

A long subway ride from downtown Manhattan to an area called Hudson Heights later and we had reached a place called Fort Tryon Park. It was spectacular.

The Cloister Museum is housed in an old Fort, which was very cool and the architecture was amazing, although I didn't take many pictures for some reason.

After our day at the park and museum, it was obviously time for a drink! Cole and Allie took me to one of their favourite places... it freakin' rocked! A pub called Mc Sorley's which dates back over 100 years, it was steeped in tradition from the beer stained hardwood floors, the black and white photographs on the wall, to the fact that they even brew and sell their own beer (and nothing else) which simply comes in only two varieties; Dark or Light.

Each beer only cost $2 so you'd order a bunch at a time, and the place was so lively and packed that you were forced to share a table with other random peoples (if you were lucky enough to get a table at all, which we were). It was a loud place but extremely jovial, just sitting there lifted your spirits and raised the loudness of your laughter. Cole, Allie and I got sat with a huge variety of people, from an elderly couple who had been coming to McSorely's for 20 years, to a group of college guys who invited us into their drinking games! We stayed for a couple of hours before we had to go, but a return is definitely required in the future, perhaps as my farewell America venue!

McSorley's pub
McSorely beer; Light or Dark, take your pick!
Me, Cole and Allie having a great time

Another day well spent!


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