23 November 2011

Geelong Fun Run 2011

I did it! Today I participated in a charity fun run! I am rather proud of myself at this moment. On top of that I raised, through awesome friends and family, $170 for the cause (a children's hospital), and had to run 6km this morning. Sweet!

Two years ago I did this same event, although that time I didn't bother raising any money, and it was 5km instead... in which I ran terribly. For starters I was hungover, and secondly I for some reason decided to wear my new running shoes for the first time on the day of the race... my feet and shins did not agree with this sudden change what so ever thus I managed a terrible time of 50 minutes.

This year I thought I'd actually put in some effort by raising some money, doing some training for preparation for a change, and purchasing and wearing my new running shoes weeks before the run day to get used to them before the day (the difference was immense).  Now I have never been the best runner... physically I go pretty alright, I am semi-fit these days and can hold a pace... it's mentally where I struggle.  A constant battle against boredom and my imagination takes place, an imagination that likes to bring up highly unlikely yet terrifying scenes of me getting dehydrated in the sun passing out, or falling over and hurting my ankle, or just some unforeseen circumstance that results in being rushed to the emergency room... All of which didn't happen of course, and they never ever do... but yeah, my imagination is both my friend and enemy haha.

The race was around my town, which always offers some amazing scenery and weather as we are placed directly by the waters edge connected to the bay. Not to mention the view of seeing some 10,000 participants on the day!

We're off!
There were a few brutal hills that really took their toll, but we were rewarded in the end with a lap on the grounds of the football stadiums where one of my favourite teams play!


Inside Simons Stadium, home of the AFL Geelong Cats!
This time with the improved focus and preparation then usual I managed to complete the 6km run in 43 minutes, cool. Not a super time but whatever, I am still proud of the distance covered, especially for the fact that I can't even remember the last time I've run that far continuously.

It was extremely tough but well worth it, the satisfaction of completing something that I had doubts about is quite a memorable moment. It really has put me in a much more positive state of mine of what can and can't be done.  And best of all it was for a very worthy cause.


Jez said...

wow 10000 runners, that's a big race! Great job on the run! Next you'll have to try a 10K!

Out of Sync said...

Ha well I know you would of breezed through the 6km Jez =P I on the other hand found it rather brutal lol. But yes, you've got me thinking, I guess there is no reason I couldn't work up to a 10km. Will ponder it some more =D

Maybe your next post could be about training tips for people who want to run 10km some day haha =P (But in serious you should definitely share some of your training/running experience and tips!)

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