15 October 2011

You guys!

Haha... uh oh... I'm drunk again, and have now logged onto Blogspot.  Words are about to be spilled!

You guys are awesome! Yes you, the readers, you fellow bloggers especially! I really enjoy blogging.  I enjoy writing even though I have a back-log of things to write about at least 2 months long.  But foremost I really enjoy reading posts of my favourite bloggers and I really wish they posted more often so I had more to read when I am bored at work (which is basically all day long).

My favourite bloggers are listed under the "My Favourite Blogs To Follow' side bar on the right... S.Love (so real to herself), Matt vs The Real World (living the good life I hope to one day have), Tori Tea (I am pretty sure I am in love with you), RPG Called Life (a cool chick who enjoys video games... that's the dream!), Intrepid Boy (you are a bigger legend than you know), I enjoy reading every post.  To be honest I am not exactly sure why... it is just something that is apart of me now.  A ritual, a habit, just something that above all I can call my own.  My own blog in its own corner of the internet with its own followers, its own posts, its own personality, its own people it follows in return.

Last time I had a few drinks on my own and decided to blog was over a month ago (I don't drink very often) in which I rambled quite extensively about my hopes and dreams about my New York City trip.  While NYC is always on my mind, I think I will try and refrain from talking about it yet again.  Although when I say that it is always on my mind, I literally mean always.  Whenever some bad luck happens, such as missing the bus, or losing my phone, I immediately think to myself "if I was in New York right now, alone with no help, how would I now adapt to the situation?"

It is actually pretty cool, in a way I am trying to prepare myself mentally as much as possible for my big trip as I know once I am there I am literally on my own with no family or friends within any reasonable distance to help me out if I get in a bind.

Anyways, moving on.  Yes, so, I have had a couple of beers on my own at home to enjoy my Friday night end of the week.  It was a tough week, so I thought a quiet night of beers, music and video games would be awesome.  So, what's new?

Well the other week I mentioned how I had a date, but I never really wrote a follow up post to it.  To be honest it actually turned out awesome (despite the mishap where I said I would call... but forgot to call... yeah... she was not happy!, but whatever, I smoothed it over eventually haha).  She wasn't quite what I was after, so I let her down as easily as I could... but hey, she got a very expensive dinner paid for by me so she can't exactly complain, we have ended up being friends so win win I guess.

Majority of the reasons to turning her down, despite how awesome she was, was a small clash of differential life-style choices (I'm rather spontaneous whereas she enjoys step-by-step planning, for example), but also the fact that, to be just a tad selfish, I am enjoying far too much my current bachelor life-style of living out of home, partying it up, living the free life.

Today however that philosophy took a rough turn.  The douche at work was at his ultimate douchey-ness, my supervisor was on a mission to drill me as hard as he can on the quality of work leaving me to defend it defiantly for a good 30 minutes, and it was Friday which is naturally a tough day anyway.  And as I was on the bus heading home, reading the last 50 pages of the seventh Harry Potter book (argh it is so intense at the moment!) I couldn't help but think 'sigh... I guess it would be pretty cool to have a nice girl to come home to after a long day'.  Hell, even just someone to have a few casual drinks with over dinner would of been great, instead of my weet-bix and oats cereal for dinner that I threw together for myself while watching The Big Bang Theory episodes at my computer in my room... as I said, living the bachelor life haha!

Alas, I guess regardless of my desire of having a bachelor life or a relationship one, either way it is out of my control.  I have big dreams for the kind of girl I'd like to be with in the future, and I hope everyday that I'll be lucky enough to find her some day, someone to join me on my stupid ideas or crazy adventures, and mostly just to keep me in line... but I guess until then I'll just live life as best as I can.  Working hard, having fun and traveling the world, who knows what the future holds, as they say.

Some day I truly, truly hope I find her.


Kelli Shea said...

Drunk blog, for the win! Must say, quite enjoyed this. :)

Out of Sync said...

Haha I highly recommend giving it a go some time. With some good music playing in the background it can turn into quite the night.

Thanks for stopping by Kelli, very much appreciated =)

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