24 March 2011

My first step

We meet again, Blogosphere. Indeed I would hope to be seeing you a lot more often now that we are in March, and I finally feel I have started something that resembles a routine.  Work, sleep, work, sleep, weekend... blog?, pretty much sums it up ha.

Although in my attempt to become more immersed within blogging by finding more people to follow (as most of the people I used to follow are dissapearing... pfft, as if there is a life outside blogging!.. is there?), everytime I clicked the 'Next Blog' button to give me a random blog to read, Blogspot for some reasons assumes I enjoy reading exclusively about babies, families, trips to the dentist and cooking, so that failed.  Where are the other young 20 year olds also trying to figure out life? Not that there is nothing wrong with the more, matured, bloggers =P

Anyways, tangent aside, let's talk about... hmm... oh I know... New York!  Yes, that was lame.

After daydreaming nearly 2 years ago that I want to move to New York City some day, I finally decided that basically, why shouldn't I move? After failing to find a good enough answer I officially announced my new life goal the other day, thus it was time to begin my planning!

Today, I made my first step to making this... dream?  Hmm, that brings up a good point, what would I call this? A great number of words could be used to describe what this is, depending on what this, as in, moving to New York City, means to me.  Is it a dream, a goal, a timer filler? Is it just to prove something to myself, or to others?  Hmm, I am sure I must have thought of this at some point in time, but I am struggling to come up with an answer at this moment ha.  That's a little worrying =P

But that's a post for another day.

Luckily it appears the Universe is also supporting me for this trip, as the Australian Dollar for the last year or so has been at its highest against the American Dollar for decades, win!  This means a much better exchange rate then I could of ever have hoped for.  I had a strong feeling that the strength of the AUD wasn't going to last forever thus I opted to exchange the majority of the money I will be bringing over now, instead of in a years time when the dollar could be much lower.

So yeah, I was pretty psyched about that! My first solid step =)

I have just realized that maybe I should separate my New York talk from this blog, as this year will mostly be all New York based (well, yeah, wouldn't want to be un-prepared or anything).  Will have to ponder further!


Thomas Catterall said...





Do it man!

Out of Sync said...

Haha! It is on the way my friend, but a fair while off yet.

Dude, you should add a Friend follower thing to your blog so I can follow you.

Jez said...

Sounds like you are pretty motivated to make this move! It could well be the best thing to happen to you! I wish you luck in getting there!

Out of Sync said...

Thanks Jez!

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